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Company «Flylink» is the official installer of integrated security systems of "Kodos" and "Legos" companies. Our experts not only have a huge practical experience but they also were trained and received the personal certificates for "Building an integrated set of hardware-based security "Kodos", integrated digital video surveillance system «Trassir» installation and others...

About us

The Flylink Company is more then six years on the system integration market, we provide high-quality services to our clients, and established ourselves as a fast and reliable partner in developing IT projects. Reference letters received from our customers - partners - the best proof of the quality of our services.

For now, we have made more than 200 projects. Among these major projects in Moscow and in Moscow region, Chekhov, Arkhangelsk, Eagle, Abakan. Also there are an uncountable number of small objects. Our aim is to work in partnership, mutual benefit with our customers allows us to build long-term and strong relationship for many years. To provide you with highest quality services is important for us. High-speed implementation of our projects allows our partners to quickly start to work with the least loss of time and resources. This is valuable for us and it is the basis for long-term partnership.

You may experience issues as a technical plan for the implementation of your project, and organizational. Our experts will be happy to consult you by the phone, if necessary, free to come for evaluation of the situation on the ground. Based on the collected data, we provide multiple solutions of your tasks and you are able to choose the option, which would be most comfortable for you. We are open to discuss any issues. We are glad to cooperate with you.


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Fiber Optic Lines.

Wireless Networks.

Powering and Lightning.

Security Systems.

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