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Automate 1C

1C automation of today's business structure, whether it's manufacturing enterprise, the network of hotels, restaurants, warehousing, customer service, etc. - a crucial step in their effectiveness in achieving economic stability and maximum profitability. This is due to the fact that 1C automation greatly simplifies the management of affairs of the enterprise by accelerating and streamlining many business processes.

Why 1C? Easy way to success as an example of integrated automation solutions 1C Enterprise 8

Of course, once lost in thought on the topic of automation, the head of the relevant market is taken to study the proposals in terms of their diversity inevitably asks the question: why is imenno1S Automation? A positive answer to this question can be formed on the basis of the following benefits of implementing software package 1C:

  • smaller in comparison with many other systems, the cost of implementation
  • Low operating cost 1C
  • High performance
  • rapid development of software solutions 1C
  • flexibility and scalability of the system, etc.

So, if we talk about the rate of 1C-programming, if not so long ago the most "advanced" is a version of 1C: Enterprise 7.0 is currently being actively implemented the development of "eighth" versions. Thus, the program 1C 8 automation takes full account of accounting and taxation, trade and warehouse operations managers and staff - in short, have complete control and management of current business processes of enterprises of various sizes and activities, including the establishment of accountability, analysis and long-term strategic planning. Thus, importantly, compatibility with previous software solutions is not lost.

So, the software solution "1C 8 Automation" vastly superior in its capabilities popular until recently, the line of "1C: Enterprise 7.7 Complete supply" and created on the basis of the technological platform 1C: Enterprise 8, showing an even greater perfection in matters of flexibility, customization, performance, reliability and modularity. The latter fact gives rise to a strong demand for such applications solutions that are integrated into the process automation 1C 8, as 1C: Trade Management 8, 1C: Accounting 8, 1C: Payroll and HR 8. Coherent system of these subsystems represents a powerful instrument of progress enterprise, effectively boosting its competitiveness. Thus, if your company has implemented any non-1C information systems, including business management system, the software solutions, which involves the installation of automation 1C, will merge harmoniously into the existing data network, supporting, complementing and developing its usual functionality. On 1 With automation you'll always know exactly how much stock on where the money, what is the profit, etc. This way, you, first, greatly improve relationships with customers, suppliers, partners and other representatives of the outside world, have an impact on the business, including officials of government services, and secondly, will extract the maximum profit from the enterprise and also release the additional funds through the effective reduction and redeployment of staff, equipment and other assets of the enterprise, and thirdly, the automation will allow you to get rid of the routine and send most of their energy on the business analyst and long-term planning.

1C automation carried out by the specialists of "Flylink" - this is a serious personalized approach to business processes with customer systems under full adaptation to individual needs. We also provide full maintenance 1C embedded systems.


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