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Automation Project Enterprise

Automation project of the company is probably the most important element in the implementation of a complex system of automated IT-systems. After properly design an automated system - that means provide almost the majority of its effectiveness. That is why during the development phase of the project is so important to bring to the design process representatives of all stakeholders, from the general developer of the building to handyman “Vasya”.

The project of factory automation and prerequisites of its creation

Any member of the management level, more or less savvy in terms of information technology, imagines that the work on the project of any information system is in accordance with the following steps:

  • survey of the facility for the purpose of understanding the business processes
  • Development of technical specifications
  • Developing technical design and construction documents
  • finalization and approval of the draft

Automation Project Enterprise - is no exception. However, in this article we will not repeat itself, step by step, stage by stage parsing: instead focus on the situation previous to the design.

Let's start with the fact that the most common mistake managers is to understand the automated control system as something only a computer, while the implementation of the control is in the "computer" as just a secondary thing can not be said about the ordering of business processes, so that definitely not part of the problems solved by the system integrator.

In contrast to this, many companies still believe that with the introduction of automation they will get some kind of "magic pill", the adoption of which only one is able to bring the enterprise to a new level of development. However, the responsibility for the omission of the critical steps to understanding and simplifying its own business processes is exactly on the head. Of course, an experienced system integrator can, in principle, to automate just about anything, including the chaos at the site of implementation, but it is unlikely he will go for it, even for reasons of commercial gain. After all, knowingly failed project - a kind of a dark spot in the reputation of any contractor. In addition, there are moral issues - a kind of "code of ethics of the system integrator", not allowing him to implement the notorious "marriage."

Of course, it is not the fact that the above-described "chaos" refers to your company or in part to the full, but in any case, before you order a project to automate the enterprise, will be appropriate to seriously reconsider the existing order management business processes - that is, fulfill its so-called re-engineering. So, first of all it is necessary to isolate the main technological processes and to develop common mechanisms for their management and analysis, to determine the organizational staff structure, revise or develop a mechanism for economic and financial management of the enterprise, to determine the responsibility centers, etc. In short, the basic rule of preparatory work - simplify all that can be simplified, and it must be done at least in order to ensure that existing business processes were easier to describe in the language of computer technology. Incidentally, the latter, in turn, not in order to simplify the task of developers whose experience is supposedly not allow to cope with different kind of chaotic or difficult tasks and elementary to the introduction of automated systems cost you less operation lasted longer, the staff adapted to the new conditions of work more quickly, and the system had the ability to easily attach themselves to other systems, increase equipment and process units, be hassle-free upgrade, etc.

Do not be discounted and the training of your employees for a future project of factory automation. First, automation should occur only when employees understand the process and make a decision about its feasibility and safety in terms of personal stability of each of the employees within the organization. Otherwise, you may encounter a mass discontent, sabotage, leaving the best employees of the company, etc. And second, no matter how wise were the leaders of the enterprise, coupled with system integrators, only the user knows better than anyone that he needs. Therefore, it is possible that either one or the other employee "below" all of a sudden prompt fresh idea of ​​automation, greatly simplifying the work of its present and future colleagues and thereby inscribing his name in the history of the company.

In short, in many ways, industrial automation - "handiwork" of the company owner. From his hand the company "Flylink" will provide you with highly skilled professionals who will be able to implement any project of factory automation in mind.


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