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Automation tools in the enterprise

Automation tools in the enterprise - a subject that requires detailed consideration and careful analysis of both the guest system integrator, and on the part of the customer - the head of the enterprise. After all, when creating customized automation equipment, as well as the selection and adaptation of ready-made solutions should be guided not only well-known developer, reliability, support equipment, considerations of prestige, and similar criteria, but also take into account the specifics of the object implementation and the prospects for its development. What, then, are the means of automation in the enterprise, and the impact they can have on the existing business processes?

Automation tools in the enterprise, their classification and the problem of choice

In general, automation tools in the enterprise provides a common information environment for the optimization of these aspects of the enterprise, such as:

  • management turnover (production planning, supply, cost management, cost accounting, etc.)
  • Asset management and planning of repairs
  • Financial management (budgeting, settlement, accounting and tax records, etc.)
  • warehouse management and inventory
  • Managing relationships with customers, suppliers and staff, including payroll
  • Monitoring, analysis of indicators and strategic planning of the company

Each of these aspects has its own specifics, but among them there is a clear relationship and interdependence, and the presence of "bottlenecks" in the automation of individual managers will inevitably lead to a reduction in the effectiveness of other automated systems. That's why automation in the enterprise need to choose wisely and debug that afford only systems integrator with many years of experience in the IT-services market.

As for the devices themselves automation, among Russian customers, until recently, was the most successful ERP-system, have sufficiently comprehensive functionality for automation of enterprise management, although it is believed that they are better automate internal working - for example, conducting corporate projects. Today, however, more and more executives are realizing that "can not have everything," and modern technology, as well as a business moving so fast that no one even the largest ERP-system can not keep up with them. No coincidence that many compare ERP-system with slow-moving fossil animals, unable to respond quickly and sensitively to another "climate" change and threaten to collapse under its own weight.

Of course, this does not mean that it makes sense to completely abandon the ERP-systems, however, have recently become increasingly popular specialized systems, each of which provides IT-support are strictly defined in the enterprise-level, integrated with all other systems and managed from a single center. For example, SCM-system controls the supply chain, WMS-system is responsible for the effective functioning of the warehouse control systems, process control systems, MES-systems control the production of goods, HRM-systems solve the issues of interaction with the staff, BPM-and WorkFlow-regulated system business processes, etc.

However, as we have already noted, the ideal solution would be an association of automation in the enterprise through a single point of management and monitoring. Thus, the effective automation will cover all divisions of the company, synchronizing all occurring in these business processes. And there is nothing surprising, because modern means of automation in the enterprise if they are competent development does not constitute a "patchwork" solutions, losing its vitality, for example, the introduction of new technology in the production lines. From now on, with the help of their customer has the opportunity to step-by-step "collect" absolutely individual configuration of complex automated systems with the highest possible efficiency. In short, all that is really needed, and nothing more.

The specialists of "Flylink" have a vast experience in the field of implementation of any automation tools in the enterprise, and in terms of their harmonious interaction. Turning to us, you can completely rely on the rapid progress of your company in your chosen market niche.


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