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Equipment of WMS

WMS program in the narrow sense is the central management server and installed it on a specific software to take full control, recording and analysis of all storage cycles. The server is a kind of "brain" of the system. But as you know, the brain does not work by itself, and in addition, the need for it disappears if the brain has nothing to control and there is nothing to manage. So with the warehouse management system: WMS program can only function in conjunction with the equipment for the warehouse.

The complexity of the program WMS divided into entry-level system, "box" system, configurable systems and adaptable systems. System of the first two levels are the "thing in itself" with a set of functional and lack of opportunities for the expansion. Configurable software can combine the multiple modules in a variety of interactions, and the most expensive and "advanced" - adaptable - let the system without re- adjust to the changing characteristics of business processes of the customer.

At the design stage, long before the introduction of WMS to the warehouse must be clear about the challenges facing the program WMS. If you are interested in simply maintaining order further optimization of trade, it is possible to limit the introduction of the initial or "box" system. If, in addition, your goal is to improve the use of warehouses and the warehouse as a whole, reduced waste, improved customer service, the opportunity to introduce additional warehouse processes, etc., without a complete application WMS can not do.

WMS program and its relationship to the warehouse equipment

In conjunction with the WMS system, the most common equipment for the warehouse are printers, scanners, wireless terminals, and PDAs. They are usually classified in two ways:

the type of equipment

  • portable
  • mounted
  • Wrist

by the supported technologies

  • wireless connectivity
  • voice support
  • frost
  • shock
  • control of the reading

For portable equipment WMS include universal terminal for data collection. Mounted equipment is convenient to fix, such as loading equipment. Wrist radios and scanners are mounted on the finger, wrist or belt. Using handheld radios and installation WMS increases the speed of warehouse operations, minimizes downtime, and also eliminates human error and attempted theft of goods, thanks to the automatic exercise for the declared and actual information.

Mobile jobs - radios and PDAs - communicate with each other and the head server, wired and wireless communications, creating a network within which the data is transferred. For example, the radio is connected to the LAN using a wireless network adapter with an external or internal antenna. The place of the radio connection to the LAN is an access point, through which the device communicates with the server and the operator has to display a variety of information such as "task list", "entrance from the system", etc.

Expertise of the company "Flylink" will allow for the full range of work for implementation of the WMS: from laying cable lines to configure the software and related equipment for the warehouse. With our help, you will gain complete control over the warehouse processes at your company.


Cabling Systems.

Fiber Optic Lines.

Wireless Networks.

Powering and Lightning.

Security Systems.


Design and installation of SCS. SCS - professional building structured cabling systems. Corporate computer networks - the organization, laying, setting up, upgrading or repair.

Complex security systems - CCTV installation (video surveillance) and access control systems will improve the efficiency of a warehouse, cottage, office shop and other sectors of business.

WMS warehouse management system. Integrated WMS implementation of various infrastructures - access control, electric power, data centers, security systems, video surveillance, high-precision equipment ...

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