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Fiber Optic Lines Cost

Although pricing for optic fiber is approximately equal to ordinary cable, pricing for fiber optic system is still high. However, using fiber optic will return your investments right from 1st day. For nowadays there are no systems that are more reliable then fiber optics, and only fiber optics allows to transfer data at more then gigabit per second for 100 meters without using repeaters, and that are non influenced by static electricity, impedance, magnetic fields and other environment factors.

Creating Fiber Optic Lines: pricing for mounting, and other parts of design

Usually price for fiber optic lines is calculated by the company, that you choose to build your system. Pricing for mounting and other part of design is formed in quotation, that is made based on detailed tech drawing of your object, customer demands regarding bandwidth of future network and contains the following:

  • Quotation for passive and active network equipment
  • Amount of work places and total length of the network
  • Possible difficulties and schedule regarding fiber optic system mounting
  • Further FOL maintenance

Also, fiber optic price includes some other important matters. For instance in calculation it is necessary to put attention to that fiber optic lines in compare with ordinary structured cable lines has one important for many customers insufficiency – high price of mounting. This has something to do not only with price of optic fiber itself (as mentioned above it is approximately the same to ordinary cables), but to high price of materials and equipment needed to interconnect cables together (gluing, and welding of optic fiber), technologies required to lay optic lines, conditions, and price of high qualified personnel that are authorized to perform this work. So usually price for fiber optic lines mounting is approximately 50000 Russian rubles per 1 kilometer of line. Anyway with help of proper calculation it is possible to save money on equipment and materials.

Also our company offers nice discounts, that depends on the total project.


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