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FOL Design

Creating design of FOL is very near and serious process, that forms the basis of making fiber optic lines. In general, during design, the future FOL became real, due to careful calculation of all resources, nuances, and predicting all the future questions. So if future FOL is perfectly designed, then FOL mounting will cause no problems, and future operation will be correct and perfect.

FOL design and its requirements

Completed FOL design comes as brochure of A4 or A3 documentation. Regardless the particular questions to solve having FOL design makes it easier to each one of them, whether it equipment supply, or operation, managing or modernization. The thing is that in design process engineers works together with customer, thus allowing to optimize financial, and human resources in further operation, and with deep contact with mounting crew, paying attention to any nuance that may rise during making design of FOL. So design and mounting of FOL is deeply interrelated processes.

FOL design always runs according to certain requirements, following them will allow to guarantee that future network will match all customers purposes. Requirements are following:

  • Detection of objects distinctive features and operation conditions (landscape, temperature range, climate conditions etc…)
  • Creating of fast and reliable data transfer channel, both digital and analog
  • Providing required network capacity and data security level
  • Providing of maximum level of immunity to noises and interferences on fiber lines
  • Providing of correct location of equipment and terminals, estimation balance between technical and other specifications
  • Providing quick back up and fast network recover upon accidents, also possibility of further extension and modernization of network

And also FOL design provides ability of adding any kind of intellectual sub system, whether it would be access control system, or data processing center. And customer will not have to restructure existing system or lay additional cables; just purchase necessary additional equipment and connect!

FlyLink company offers full cycle FOL installation work.

From negotiations and pre-sales to subscription service and maintenance. And we offer warranty for all of our work!


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