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FOL Equipment

FOL equipment is important for laying fiber optic cables. FOL equipment is necessary for collecting dozens or even hundreds kilometers of different fiber optic cables, to make signal path correctly, and this is huge task, especially if it is needed to set up network in places with difficult access and with minimum use of repeaters.

FlyLink company has all the necessary equipment to provide FOL mounting of high quality. Our high qualified personnel, will select and provide all equipment from the world leading manufacturers, completely according to customers design, and ratio price/quality/compatibility

General types of FOL equipment

Meters. Cable analyzers, damage visualizers, Optic power meters, optic reflection meters etc…

Mounting equipment. Automatic welding devices, cleavers, fiber glueing devices etc…

Components. All types of optic cable, connectors, adapters, splitters, couplings, patch cords, etc… Tools needed to clean, glue and grinding the fiber. Mounting tools, for laying cables. Network equipment. Converters, routers, repeaters, multiplexers, racks, stands etc…

Monitoring and control systems. Equipment for monitoring ( processing, synchronization) of optic signals, including software. Expanding bandwidth equipment.

Optic cables and other equipment of FOL

Nowadays, there is wide range of equipment that allows to build fiber optic lines of different size, configurations, power and for different purposes. The most important component is optic cable. It contains fiber glass light-guides, that transfers optic signal, and armory elements. Cable can be layed underground, hanged on frames, or layed in cable channels, inside buildings and between the floors. Type of cable is selected according to purposes, and environment conditions. There are three types of cables:

Outdoor cable. It has steel armor, to prevent damage, waterproof, suitable for laying underground.

Indoor cable. Support signal transfer for short and middle distances, and used for horizontal cabling indoors.

Optic patch cord cable. Is flexible and used to make patch cords and for interconnection.

If additional armor is needed, then cable is placed inside secure covering. This is called armored cable. And the self-supporting cable is the cable with metal or plastic supporting elements, that can be contained inside cable, or wrap around cable surface. For example optic cable with metal thread.

The next important elements are connectors – that are used for multiple connection/ disconnection of cable and equipment. Optic connectors can be of different size, shapes, and type:

  • Connector FC
  • Connector MIC
  • Connector SC
  • Connector SMA
  • Connector ST
  • Connector TELCO
  • Connector PO

Connector FC is basically used in signle mode cable systems. FC female comes in two options SF – with square flange and two mounting screws, and SC female – is connector that according to current standards is main connector for FOL and SCS. Comes as single and double options.

SMA connector – basically is outdated. It has metal shell and mounts by hectare.

ST connector, or “BFOC connector” (BFOC stands for Byonet Fiber Optic Connector). Mounts by byonet element

TELCO connector – is used to connect multiple pins in case of lack of space (for electric cables there are two rows of 25 pins)

PO connector consists from male connector and special space for NOC block, that works as female connector for connection equipment.

Another sort of equipment is testing and welding machines. In FlyLink we use the most advanced device – Fujikura Arc Fusion Splicer 60S. This is the state of the art in optic fibers welding devices. It outperforms its predecessor Fujikura FSM-50S, it works better, much more safe, faster, and more compact. Fujikura FSM- 60S works in wide temperature range from -10 to +50 degrees Celsius. And provides extremely high quality of fiber welding. We offer 15 years warranty for all works made by this beauty.

And another ones are optic box, patch cord, and converter. Optic box is a box with splice plates inside, that are used for mounting fibers.

It can be mounted inside wall, or in 19 inches rack stand. From model to model there different quantity of ports can be installed there: 8, 16, 24 or even 48 ports SC-SC, ST-ST, FC-FC.

Optic patch cord is patch cable with shielded connectors on both ends. And finally converter, is the device that converts optic signal into electric signal, to transfer it via ordinary cable.

FlyLink Company offers seceltion and supply of all range of FOL equipment, from cable, to servers and software. We work with world leading manufacturers, that allows us to create high performance FOL fast and at reasonable price.


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