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FOL Maintenance

FOL maintenance is process performed on period basis to keep the performance and efficiency at highest level. Also maintenance include keeping data security. Maintenance and tech support should start right after finish mounting and commissioning. The thing is that in spite of wide spread opinion optical fiber can not work by itself remaining the same rate of data transition.

FOL Efficiency: Importance of maintenance

FOL maintenance is necessary not only to keep efficiency and performance of active equipment, but also for monitoring of optic fiber lines. Careful, inspection, performed on regular basis allows to quickly detect and remove minor damages. This helps customer to avoid major loss in future, that can lead to major repairs and stop FOL operation for a certain time. This is much better for customer to choose company that will provide maintenance and support in advance. Performance of every information subsystem, based on optics fiber, like access control system, security and fire fighting system, data processing centers, depends on qualification of specialists and professional approach of maintenance and supporting company.

According to agreement of maintenance, company contractor enters the following commitments:

  • Fast repair of fiber optic equipment and lines, and keeping equipment and components in working order
  • Keep data transmission secure
  • Timely software update, and anti virus data base update
  • Perform maintenance work on regular basis
  • Perform testing and measurements of technical parameters of equipment and keep these parameters at the appropriate levels
  • Consulting local personnel and users educating regarding efficient, safe and secure use of fiber optic lines.

As an additional service (paid separately) customer may order modernization of system, like dismantling of old equipment, selection and installation of new devices in order to increase efficiency reliability and security of system operation.

Sometimes it happens that cable connections of network are proved to be made in inappropriate way, that leads to signal loss, and data transmission loss as well. To repair them we use welding device Fujikura Arc Fusion Splicer 60S – state of the art among automatic welding, in terms of reliability, performance, size and weight. High quality of welding of optic fiber, guarantees signal transmission, increases liability, eliminates loss and noise, and allows us to give our customers 15 years warranty on all works performed using Fujikura 60S!

So it is obvious that in terms of quality of welding, and other moments of fiber optic systems as well, it is much better to sign the maintenance agreement with the same company that created and mounted system. Any engineer, or tech support personnel will work more efficient if he personally took part in mounting all cover documents for the FOL.

Any service will be at highest quality. Also there is no need to involve local system administrator, because even if he is high qualified expert and shows professional approach, maintenance process is too huge task for one person, moreover, this person can terminate the employee contract, or suddenly fall ill. So maintenance of fiber optics systems is better to be performed by third party companies, that are specialized in such a specific work, and has all the necessary personnel, experienced and high qualified, and equipment. That company can perform any kind of maintenance, modernization, and testing fast and of high quality.

Signing agreement with FlyLink company will give you reliable performance of your system, software and equipment for many years under any conditions.


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