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SCS Testing

Improper mounted SCS will show partial or complete inoperability, due to hidden defects, that can be found only by carrying out test procedures. According to that only it can be shown how the mounting was made, and how the actual SCS features satisfy customers requirements and world standards. Pricing of test procedure depends mostly on amount of ports, each has to be carefully tested.

FlyLink company offers professional tests, validation and certification for any kind of SCS, and provide customers with all the necessary documentation, please see examples below. Validation for 5e, 6, 7 categories is performed by cable analyzer Fluke DTX 1800. Cable tester Fluke Networks DTX1800 and DTX1800 intl, DTX 1800 ms – are the compact devices designed for professional testing, validation, detection of issues in cables. Cable analyzer is recommended by world leading manufacturers of IT systems, and now represents state of the art in terms of network accordance to customer requirements. No other device will provide such a guarantee as Fluke DTX 1800. This is why validation and certification of SCS by cable analyzer Fluke DTX 1800 is available to only a few companies-integrators, In fact in many cases test network by using this device will show unsatisfactory installation, thus unprofessionalism of integrator. So having this device and using it the best proof of qualification of our engineers and workers are complete responsible for the performance of SCS installed. We are really sure that we offer the highest standard product, all of SCS made by us successfully passed certifications and completely satisfy the cable networks standerds ANSI/TLA/ELA-568-B.

 Аттестация СКС на соотвествие категориям 5е, 6 и 7

Benefits achieved by placing order of testing procedures and network validation

Understanding the importance of documentary approval of SCS performance, and wishing to solve this question once and for long time headquarters of big companies, banks, insurance companies, and other businessmen choose professional approach to SCS installation, that includes necessary certification of the network after commissioning ( or according to SCS maintenance), it can be done only by hi-class equipment such as DTX 1800 mentioned above. It is to be noted, that pricing for certification will be significantly lower, that if it is ordered separately.

DTX 1800 has significant advantages over its predecessors, here are some of them:

  • Hi speed moving from connection to connection (3 times faster then previous generations).
  • The most accurate data available, in the shortest time.
  • Extended diagnostics, precise defect location.
  • Advanced certification of optics lines
  • Time saving performance

During SCS test procedures by cable analyzer, the following advantages are used:

  • 100% accuracy of measurements
  • Time saving for test and certification of network
  • Investment saving for further SCS maintenance

After certification is completed, customer receives full documentation that approves full accordance of the world standards, measurements results for each line, full description of actual tech parameters of each port etc…

We are ready to perform certification and validation of cable structure, and also based on measurement results by Fluke Networks, carry out all work to repair existing lines.


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