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Wireless Network Equipment

Wireless equipment, if installed professionally, not only helps to bring reality of state of the art modern technologies to life, but also is reliable basis for information and network technologies that will be used in the future. Today, more and more companies big and small, old, and that have just started their business prefers to go wireless, and moves from traditional cable networks to wireless systems.

Our experts are not only high qualified personnel, but also are hugely experienced in building wireless networks of any kind, and any size. We warranty suitable, and careful equipment selection in accordance with customer needs, budget and compatibility.

Little “tricks” in wireless network equipment selection

According to mentioned above, it is hard to surprise anyone that wireless equipment is new industry and most competitive manufacturers goes there to have the “place under the Sun”.

So implying wireless systems it is much better to invite experts who definitely knows everything about product range, that in fact is very wide, and have enough experience in building such systems, that includes following:

  • access ports
  • routers
  • switches and controllers for wireless network
  • antennas
  • adapters etc…

Access port is like a center that forms wireless network around itself. Like switch in ordinary cable networks access port combines W-Fi based equipment into the network, also connects wireless systems to cable network. Access port with expanded operating features is router. Also, by using special software installed directly into router network safety and access control is performed.

Antennas are used to increase efficiency of signal transmission, some of them are quite effective: up to 10 km range! Using antennas inside buildings helps to avoid additional repeaters – miniature devices that receives signal amplifies it and transmit back. Switches are used to control access ports, and wireless adapters are installed directly into PC to make it able to join wireless network in proper manner.

Wireless System Controller – “Soul” of control system

If wireless network system has more then 3 access ports, then it is much more suitable to control its operation via special equipment – wireless system controllers, that are responsible for control, safety, loading of the network, and controls roaming. Thus having wireless system controller significantly reduces operation costs, increases safety and coverage.

FlyLink Company offers proper selection and mounting of wireless systems, and equipment, subscription service, technical support during its operation. Agreement with our company will bring your company to state of the art wireless networking systems, that will serve you for long time.


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