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Wireless Network Monitoring

Wireless network monitoring is necessary to keep Wi-Fi system high efficient and reliable. Although depending on kind of monitoring and customers demand, it may be done only once, and can be performed on regular basis.

Types of monitoring and features. Radiomonitoring

So types of monitoring are firstly defined by the stage of building wireless network when monitoring is performed. According to this criteria monitoring can be referred as two types:

  • Preliminary monitoring
  • Monitoring of existing network during its operation period

In first case takes place monitoring that is necessary during design period, or even earlier, during creating quotation, and making technical order. The purpose of that measurements is to provide high quality of signal transmission. So during measurements necessary information is being collected, regarding working transmitters, analysis of performance of imaginary transmitters, selection of proper equipment according to the existing conditions. For instance it is needed to add some network connections, splitters signal amplifiers, and other equipment, depending on materials of walls and configurations of rooms, corners and so on, to improve signal paths.

Also it is necessary to perform measurements during operation of existing network, because radio is changes every time, and it must be taken in concern, to avoid occurring of some new noises, and to male sure that existing network proves sufficient and properly performs all the tasks.

Wi-Fi monitoring in terms of network safety

One more reason to perform monitoring may be referred to as network safety monitoring. By this method, can be performed radio investigation, that allows to found illegal connections, and eliminate possible intervention, and take some actions to improve safe data transfer.

Also, during monitoring performed on regular basis experts makes sure that all equipment is in working order, powered correctly, data transfer is safe and this network will not let customer down in some important moment.

To help customers to avoid this unpleasant situations, our company offers subscription service for wireless networks. This will help to keep your Wi-Fi network in working order, under virtually any condition. Moreover, having signed subscription service agreement with us, you will save budget for operation network. The world statistic shows that it is cheaper to perform regular maintenance, then repair business processes of the entire office, or warehouse, or other facility after network crash.


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