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Wireless Systems Maintenance

What is wireless systems maintenance? Let us see industrial wireless system. Industrial wireless system is basically, system consists of active and passive equipment.

Active equipment for little sized office or warehouse:

  • One wireless switch (e.g. RFS 7000, for 256 ports)

  • One redundant wireless switch (e.g. RFS 7000)

  • 10 access ports (for instance AP300 with external antennas sockets)

  • 20 external antennas (for instance external omnidirectional antenna ML-2499-HPA3-01R)

  • Some additional equipment, like power injectors, switches, that supports powering on Ethernet (PoE)

  • Laptops and code reading terminals

Passive equipment:

  • Cables connecting wireless ports and power injectors
  • Patch racks
  • Patch-cords, and racks hardware
  • Structures, and mounting hardware (cable ladder, trays, boxes, outlets, patch panels, various mounting etc…)

It is absolutely necessary to perform technical maintenance of all of these components. Since malfunction of each one will lead to interruption of all processes that runs via entire network. And it will lead to serious loss of financial and other resources of your company.

To help you to avoid that surprises, our company offers technical support and maintenance, that will help you to maintain your wireless system in working order, with virtually eliminated probability of damages and malfunctions. Statistic says that it is much cheaper to perform regular support, then repair not only damaged equipment, but to recover lost business processes, and profits of the entire office, or warehouse.

Technical maintenance includes:

  • Consultation and remote solution with customers experts
  • If remote solution is impossible then immediate visit
  • Immediate visit of customers object,, in 4 hours after customers report about accident, malfunction, or even complete termination of the system
  • Selection of equipment needed to be replaced. Coordination of repair process
  • Replacement of all components ( price of components is no included)
  • System modernization according to customer requirements
  • Consultation of customers technicians regarding operation, malfunctions, and special features of equipment

Warranty period for all works is 12 months.


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