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Data Processing Center

To run business in the most successful way, modern company needs to have the Data Processing Centre (DPC), that are basically reliable centralized complex systems, that helps to automate business processes, and provide high performance and quality for every service. Under conditions of modern market, that are changing all the time, and of hard competition, base of success is not only even information itself, but speed that it is being transferred, that increases the speed of important decisions making, that are based on correct and perfect data.

For now, with growing stuff, personnel and employees, it is necessary to process continuously increasing amount of information, that is kept as files on the storage servers, and systems that allows to process it fast and reliable are the base of IT structure of any corporate network.

Центр обработки данных (ЦОД)

Main Advantages of Data Storage Systems

Today it is hard to even imagine effective work without having Data Processing Centers, since these systems allows the following advantages:

  • All-day and uninterrupted operation of all services
  • Incredibly high efficiency and reliability of used processing resources
  • Intuitive user friendly administration system
  • Lowering cost of engineering communications
  • High security level
  • Access to Data Processing Center control system
  • Convenience and scalability of processing resources

So thus, together with data storage system installation you achieve high- reliable server equipment for data processing (storage, back-up, editing, processing and transfer), state of the art software, integration solutions, reserved workplaces to process data, and also uninterrupted powering systems, air conditioning, security, and other supports for data processing center.

Virtual Resources Serves for IT-structure optimization

It is often, when virtual systems are created to optimize IT-structure. Virtualization is the process of logical interconnection of processing resources that has some advantages over their original configuration. This is quite innovative approach that is not limited by realization, actual configuration, and even geographic location of its parts. As an example, you can take a look onto symmetrical multiengine computer structures, where there are more then one processor works. As usual such systems are configured in the way that allows recognizing several processors as one, more powerful module. Such configuration allows running software that was created for the one logical (virtual) processor that is much easier, then to work with different multi-units configurations.

Flylink company offers high professional service for data processing centers installation, support and maintenance. Our experts will completely install data processing center for you, or perform optimization of existing IT systems and data processing centers of customers object.


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