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Data Processing Center Installation

Data processing Center installation starts when the company face the need to have the central reliable unit that controls automation, and every IT system, and helps to increase efficiency of any business process, and quality of services offered. In modern world it is necessary to satisfy every business requirement in most cases leads to necessary of data processing center building, because for now only data processing center provides the best way to store, process, and transfer of any electronic data array, and able to bring its owner to new level of business running.

Data processing Center installation is integration of complex engineering subsystems

DPC Installation implies building of the following engineering systems:

  • Structured Cable system
  • Powering and climate control systems
  • Public address systems and fire fighting alarm
  • Intercom and automation systems
  • Security systems

It is obvious that pricing is growing together with functionality, amount of equipment and security grade of data stored inside that system.

Structured Cable System is responsible for operation of DPC. In fact, perfectly designed and mounted SCS will be reliable basis for DPC network, and will match all requirements, flexibility and scalability of the entire system.

Climate control Systems is represented by ventilation and air conditioning for optimize climate for IT equipment operation, and personnel environment condition.

No needs to talk about powering system. It must be reliable, uninterruptable, redundant and so on. To achieve this there are internal diesel generators installed, that are turned into operation in case of fault of the main network.

Automation system and intercom serves for engineering systems control and comfort for the personnel. Intercom needed to systems monitoring in real time, equipment control and data access. Every control functions are available on one user interface.

Security systems are needed to keep safe from unauthorized access and actions. There are CCTV, alarm, access control system. DPC building implies also integration of all mentioned above to prevent occasion or purposeful damage of any components of DPC, and other external menaces (terrorists invasion, data interception etc…)

Flylink experts will design and build every engineering system for data processing center. Our company is able to build DPC from “zero point” and optimize and upgrade your existing DPC as well. It is to be noted that pricing will completely collocate with quality and reliability of all components. 


Cabling Systems.

Fiber Optic Lines.

Wireless Networks.

Powering and Lightning.

Security Systems.


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Complex security systems - CCTV installation (video surveillance) and access control systems will improve the efficiency of a warehouse, cottage, office shop and other sectors of business.

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