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ATS Design

ATS Design - an important part of the creation and implementation of any system of uninterrupted power supply, designed to work the first electrical load (main) and second categories, according to the classification of RB. After all, every object implementing electrical systems implemented different needs and, therefore, re-created a highly individual set of information systems and equipment. Moreover, automatic changeover system applied to such important facilities such as hospitals, clinics and other institutions, which, thanks to UPS, can save a human life in an emergency. That's why only a competent calculation ATS can provide assurance that the UPS will be correct and will not fail at the right time.

Competent calculation ATS - the shortest way to organize UPS

Thus, ATS design - an important step in creating a reliable electrical system where professionals must provide and implement a performance automatic transfer the following conditions:

  • in the case of voltage drop or failure in the main power source of the system should automatically switch to backup power with a minimum delay, of 0.3 seconds
  • The automatic switching works regardless the reason of power drop
  • The automatic switching back to the primary power source should only be made if it is to restore and set a time delay to prevent cross-fault
  • In the absence of power source is powerful enough to withstand the total load of two consumers should consider turning off the least significant energy consumers
  • Provide manual adjustment of the switching delay to prevent false alarms and unwanted
  • It is desirable to implement the function status indication and manual control switch with others

Implementing design ATS standing alone, it is essential to pay attention to the protection of reliable feeder. Indeed, in practice, there are cases when the switches are installed on the load entering the cabinet ATS and protection devices are in a higher water-distribution unit (VRU), or on the main switchboard (MSB), access to which is not always open for staff. In the event of a short circuit on the feeder first off the main entry. Relay that controls the voltage "sees" that the entry is missing, and thus signals the launch of a reserve, and then activated the emergency line protection device. Typically, this problem is solved as follows: If the ATS scheme involves two inputs and outputs, it is necessary to replace the load on the circuit, ensuring the selectivity with devices of a higher level or, alternatively, connect the voltage monitoring relay on site until the protective device in parent panel: in this case the relay control "see" the presence of voltage and will not allow the team to enter the reserve.

ATS also educated calculation involves the incorporation into a control input reserve additional emergency contacts protective devices, so that in the event of a short circuit on the feeder block to reserve.

Working with high-voltage and high power units such as ABP, ASU, MSB must also possess the preparatory work of the project in the form of making the appropriate electrical installation. Design stage allows you to describe your system requirements in accordance with the safety standards of electrical codes. Conformity of manufactured electrical under the draft gives you confidence in the safety of people and electronic consumer operating system. The project shall be based on the Terms of Reference issued by the Customer.

Rough list of questions customer may have been asked:

  • What is the purpose of electrical system?
  • What is the output power should provide electrical installation?
  • From what sources of electricity voltage is the main and backup power? "Chief" may be on the electricity supply network of power lines from the nearest town or district center. "Replacement" - usually is a local generator of electricity. This can be a diesel generator.
  • What is the start time back-up generator?
  • Do I have to stabilize the output voltage?
  • Other questions to make TK.

The project includes:

  • title page;
  • narrative and electrical performance characteristics (TTX);
  • block diagram;
  • functional circuit;
  • diagram linear;
  • layout of electrical equipment and components;
  • drawings for assembly installation.

Based on Quality construction project of any certified manufacturer of electric, which you charge the manufacturer, will build a high-quality, secure and easy-to-use power-supply system.

Designing an automatic changeover system by our specialists will be produced in a responsible and based on extensive experience in electrical systems. Trusting us with your power, you gain a reliable partner in addressing all possible issues in energy supply.


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