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Automatic transfer switch (ATS)

Automatic transfer switch (ATS) - is an automated system that serves to provide additional reliability of power supply networks. ATS provides not only the convenience of users, but also prevents material loss associated with their downtime, and helps to prevent physical damage. In short, the main task of the ATS - timely operation in the minimum possible time from the time you disconnect the main power source, and therefore an automatic changeover system.

Types and operation of automatic changeover system

Theoretically, uninterrupted power can be realized powering each user from two sources. This is reflected in the implementation of many critical components of projects in which power cuts. However, this scheme has a number of drawbacks, such as:

  • More complex than separate supply consumer protection relay
  • Higher short-circuit currents
  • High energy losses in the power supply transformer

That is why along with the scheme mentioned above is widely used automatic transfer.

There are several types of ATS:

  • ATS unilateral action
  • Two-way ATS
  • Automatic transfer switch with restoration
  • ATS without recovery

In systems with automatic transfer of unilateral action there are two sections supply: main and backup. With the loss of the main power AVR connects backup section. In the schemes, with the introduction of double-acting reserve either of the two lines can act both as a worker and as a backup.

ATS with recovery differs from the reserve, which has no recovery function so that when the first case on the offline input voltage appears again, then after a while it turns on, and the section switch - off. If short-term parallel operation of two power supplies is not allowed, the first section switch is turned off, then turn on the opening. Thus, the circuit is reset. Automatic transfer switch (ATS) in high-voltage power grids are made by undervoltage, which are connected to the protected areas network via voltage transformers. If the voltage on the protected area relay signals this scheme ABP. However, the absence of voltage - not a reason to ATS to start its work, for example, when starting large motors undervoltage should be ignored by the system. In addition, the system shall operate only once, because the failure to eliminate short-circuit is a potential risk for both the primary and backup network equipment, and for being the object of people. In short, there are many subtleties of the organization of automatic changeover system known only by a qualified electrician.

Flylink has many years experience of electrical projects of different complexity, offers a professional arrangement of automatic changeover system for smooth automatic switch to a backup power supply of electrical power and lighting systems of your company in a power failure in the main power supply.


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