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Checking the ATS

Checking the ATS  is in the final stage of the introduction of automatic transfer switch in the power supply system of the customer. The main purpose of such tests is acceptance of the system to make sure that it is designed and installed correctly and optimally responds to changes in the values ​​of the voltage in power. Also, periodically check the ATS beyond the scope of maintenance during operation of automatic transfer switch (ATS service) or is a component of certification grids.

ATS services and content produced in the framework of its verification activities

Checking ATS means carrying out the following component manipulation:

  • Check starting nodes, elements, devices, systems and devices
  • Verification of the system
  • preparation of the inspection and the quality of the measurements

The audit specialists perform multiple measurements of various parameters of the powering network, that measurements are produced strictly according to certain rules and using special instruments and equipment. For example, to measure the voltage at various sites in the Alignment practice widely used electric stopwatches - appliances are included in the AC electrical current at the time of the power supply to the equipment under test, and at the time of its operation - automatically switches off.

Check of the start of, elements, devices, systems and devices ATS  includes a test circuit breakers, motor starters, contactors, and by their repeated switching on and off, check the response time of launch, the elements of the ATS test stress response system ATS, etc.

Test of the automatic transfer switch is carried out by testing the system by alternately disable inputs on the supply side. The minutes of the ATS test reflects items such as the purpose of the test, type, purpose and characteristics of the ATS, the results of measurements made, the environmental conditions during the measurements (air temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, etc.), according to the findings of the system ATS current project list and description of measuring instruments, etc. Service provides a periodic electric measurements and preventive run the backup input to ensure accuracy, reliability and efficiency of operation.

Flylink company provides a complete cycle of automatic transfer switch arrangement, including a lengthy process, as the ATS service. Creation and maintenance of ATS control in our company - it's reliability and safety of your electrical equipment.


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