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Design of the electrical network

Design of the power supply system

проект электроснабженияDesign is an important stage in the construction of power grid. Making the design documentation is making a form of the electric network you want to operate. Certainty comes with the placement of workplaces, existing and additional, also it is possible that more interesting solutions will appear. Completed agreement will allow to perform installation fast and at highest standards, that will save money and human resources.

Power grids project

Проект электрической розеточной сетиProject of electric network is a set of design, technical and explanatory documentation provided by the customer in the form of brochures filed A3 or A4.

Illustrative list of documents included in the project:

  • The title page. Here are the details about the facility, customers and executors of the project. Are the responsible persons of the Contractor of the project.
  • Statement of the detailed design. This document describes the structure of the project.
  • Executive Summary. It includes the following sections:
  • The general part. A list and description of necessary objects
  • Purpose of the system. General technical solutions realized in the project
  • Information about the Contractor
  • General requirements for safety
  • Set of working technical drawings. For example, the layout of equipment and cable lines, electrical wiring and wiring equipment, etc. etc.
  • Cable journal. This document contains information about wires and cables. Also it has information about where each of the cable starts and where it ends, address and contact product that connects to his section and length and other characteristics.
  • Specification of materials and equipment. Here is a list type, identification and amount of equipment, cables and consumables.


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