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Design of uninterrupted power supply system

Before you start designing a guaranteed supply of uninterrupted power supply, our engineers will work together with you on the technical specifications for the system. The final documentary should answer the following questions:

  • what consumers need uninterrupted power supply?
  • Technical documents are needed for these devices.
  • What the battery life is necessary?
  • How long is switched off electricity?
  • At what time the power supply is switched off?
  • Is there a back-up supply chains (diesel generator, etc.)?
  • Where possible install uninterrupted power supply?
  • At what voltage to expect UPS (380V or 220V)?
  • A number of other issues.

Design of guaranteed power supply uninterrupted power produced by our engineers on the basis of technical specifications.

The project of uninterrupted power system

The project on the uninterrupted power system will take into account all the wishes of the customer and will be offered the best way to solve.


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