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Installation of electrical network

Installation of electrical networks - important process that requires high skilled, experienced personnel. This is why to perform any work, including the maintenance of electrical, only employees who have been specially trained and have all necessary permits for electrical work are allowed, while an amateurish approach to electrical networks can cause serious consequences.

Competent installation mains - the key to the safe operation of electrical equipment

So, if you want to have professionally made electrical project it is necessary to carry out the work in accordance with the following steps:

  • Analysis of customer's needs and requirements specification
  • Design of the electrical network and the coordination of project documentation
  • Laying and installation of electrical network
  • Test procedures
  • Preparation of documentation
  • Commissioning

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In addition to ensure the safety of future users of electric network and thorough compliance, the creation of the project a qualified specialist will certainly take into account the perspective of the expansion and modernization of the network, so that in the future you avoid high material costs. Also very important is matter of materials and equipment.

Equally important is the direct installation of electricity. Electrical receptacle network consists of electric cables for different sections, circuit breakers and electrical outlets themselves. During installation, all electrical connections are protected by isolation, and electrical cabling backbone necessarily laid in a protective duct consisting of:

  • PVC boxes of various sizes and cross-sections
  • soft and rigid PVC pipe
  • pipes soft and hard metal
  • perforated metal trays
  • hanging brackets and other metal structures and fixtures
  • vertical metal cable-growths and canned holes in ceilings and walls

Company Flylink has engineering team that provide you simply the system integration.


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