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Installation of lighting

Installation of lighting and power is the final step to ensure the facility of electricity. The project is made and approved, the range of purchased materials is clear, the timing of works specified - time to start the installation.

Electrical work is quite versatile scope. It concluded, and interrelated, many aspects that make up the concept of lighting and power supply. To be more practical, touch on a few of them:

  • Laying of cables
  • Installation of lighting
  • Installation of connections to the power supply
  • Install protective devices (RCD and diffavtomatov)
  • Implementation of grounding electrical equipment
  • Supply of the object in uninterruptible power supplies (UPS)
  • Installation of user devices
  • Mounting the notification on and off

монтаж освещенияThe above, as well as many others, the types of work must be performed in accordance with existing rules and regulations, applying optimal for these tasks, equipment and supplies, using all available modern installation methods and tools.

To bring together and effectively carry out the full range of electrical work only by a highly professional installers, designers and managers. Count on the effectiveness of dumping "free Brigades" is not necessary.

Installation lighting systems

монтаж системы наружного освещения

If you touch briefly on the specifics of the work on the installation of lighting and power, it may be mentioned that the laying of cable networks can be made open and closed methods. In the first case we are talking about using cable channels and air-laying process, the second - on the construction of a zapotolochnom or underground spaces inside the carrier or envelope, in the sewers. The effectiveness and applicability of a particular method of laying power supply networks depends on site conditions and expected load conditions and specific applications.

Regardless of the installation, you need to take care about the convenience of the further use and maintenance. Factor availability architecture designed grid, availability, and location of the key components of its components is critical to the possibilities of further expansion or renovation of power supply and lighting. Each element, or node, the system must be logically and conveniently located, have a zone for easy installation or maintenance, be available and have the necessary degree of protection against unauthorized use.

It will be extremely important to mention about the factors that influence the timing of electrical work. And if the impact of the Contractor Much has been said, the role of the customer remains in the shadows.

So, the customer must give due attention to the following points:

  • the availability of timely and free access to the facility;
  • full support staff of the customer;
  • correct docking Customer installers with third parties;
  • the speed and quality of decision making by the Customer;
  • Ensure Contractor complete information on the project.

The company "Flylink" has all the necessary resources that enable us to carry out installation of lighting systems with high quality and on time. All of our customers, whether business companies or individuals, always satisfied and have experienced positive emotions. You can verify this by visiting the recommendations. A distinctive feature of our collaboration is to comfort the timing tasks, respectful manner of communication and attentiveness of our managers, as well as a very favorable ratio "price - time - quality".

Some definitions on "Power and Lighting Systems»

  • Electrical equipment - any equipment used for the production, conversion, transmission, distribution and consumption of electrical energy, such as machines, transformers, devices, measuring instruments, protection devices, cables, power-consuming equipment.
  • Electrical system - any combination of the interconnected electrical equipment within a given space or premises.
  • Electric circuit - a set of electrical equipment connected to wires and cables through which electric current can flow.
  • The Neutral protective conductor (PE) - a guide to electrical voltage up to 1 kV, connecting the vanishing of the neutral to earth the generator or transformer in three-phase networks with earthed single-phase AC output power, with the mid-point earthed power in DC networks.
  • The Neutral protective conductor (N) - a conductor used to power the receivers of electric energy and the connection of one of their conclusions with earthed neutral electrical installation.
  • Combined the neutral and protective conductor (PEN - conductor) - a guide that combines features of the neutral and protective conductors.
  • The grounding conductor - a protective conductor connecting the earthed part of the installation to earth
  • Earthing - a conductor (electrode) or a set of electrically interconnected conductors in contact with the ground or its equivalent, for example, the ground-insulated reservoir.
  • Allowable continuous current (conductor) - current that can flow through a long wire, the steady-state temperature of the conductor shall not exceed the specified value under certain conditions.
  • Overcurrent - overcurrent in an electric circuit without electrical electrical damage.
  • Short circuit current - overcurrent caused damage with negligible impedance between points located at different potentials in normal operating conditions.
  • The currents - current, which appeared as a result of injury or ceiling insulation.
  • The earth current - the current passing through the place into the ground circuit.
  • Striking current - the current passing through the human body or a pet, the characteristics of which may cause pathophysiological effects or cause injury.
  • Leakage - current that flows in the ground or on the side part in an electrically conductive chain intact.
  • Contact voltage - the voltage that appears on the body while you touch two points conductors or conductive parts, including the insulation fault.
  • Reach hand - an area extending around the site normally occupied by staff or passes within reach of his hand from a standing position.


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