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Switchboards Installation

Installation of electrical units, despite the apparent simplicity of the process, should be performed only by a licensed electricians. In all other cases, you will not only be able to carry out the safe operation of power - that is, not to fear for the safety of life, property and fire facility - but probably will be "awarded" substantial property expenses, failure occurred because of the expensive equipment supplied from the equipped incompetently mains.

Installation of electrical cabinets as a gradual process

Let us consider this procedure as a sequence of the following steps:

  • running power cables from the power supply
  • building cable runs from the place of installation of electrical switchboard to power consumers (nip, SCHO, main switchboard, etc.)
  • Direct mounting cabinet and its constituent equipment (meters, relays, etc.)
  • Switching energy-equipment
  • test and functional test of electric measurements of the electrical
  • commissioning of the electrical operation

Upon completion of all installation and verification activities as contractor to the Customer set of documents for the equipment installed, including all kinds of diagrams, descriptions, instructions, and, of course, guarantee obligations, allowing the owner of the electrical gain additional confidence in its reliability and efficiency.

Also, in many cases, contract assembly of electrical cabinets complemented by another important point - service the device during the life cycle. This is not just a convenient and efficient, but will also save you money, because the risk of damage to expensive equipment connected to the shield system in view of delayed detection of grid failure greatly exceeds the monthly "preventive" fee for service.

Also there are two options of electrical rack mounting: wall-mount and floor-mount. The choice of one or the other option is determined by the characteristics of the power supply and the information infrastructure of the facility, as well as individual customer requirements - however, in any event, the electrical design should provide a convenient access of personnel and professional technical support to all elements of service and system management.

Dealing with our experts, you can be sure that the installation of electrical units will be satisfied, regardless of the complexity and functionality of your electrical system.


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