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Lighting equipment

Lighting equipment and competent responsible approach to its selection largely determine the future functionality of the lighting system, its reliability, safety, durability, and even the cost of subsequent maintenance and the amount of operating costs. That is why the business owner of any orientation so it is important that the installation of light was carried out by the contracting organization with expertise in installation of lighting and impeccable reputation. All the more so for lighting equipment is a much greater variety of devices than you might imagine.

Classification and main destination for lighting equipment

So, in the narrow sense of the term under consideration contains numerous electrical and significantly less common gas and oil lamps, lamps and other terrific sources of artificial light. However, if you look globally, lighting equipment - is including a broad range of devices belonging to the "collateral" systems. Thus, the concept of "lighting equipment" can successfully include:

  • actually, lamps and other playback devices of artificial light
  • lightning security equipment
  • Electrical Networks Equipment
  • Uninterruptible power supply network equipment
  • Equipment of the cable system

Nowadays there is a huge selection of lighting fixtures that have different functionality, designed to solve a variety of problems that have both aesthetic and purely utilitarian. Thus, the lighting of the premises where people work, rest children, stored or sold goods, operates manufacturing equipment, services on display, and so on will be fundamentally different. For example, in the place where the business equipment, lighting, tends to be more intense, especially if it is a commodity trading showcase, which requires a detailed review (jewelry, crystal, etc.). In this case, as in any other case, in the light of the space organization is rarely complete without subtleties, anticipate and realize that only an experienced professional can be of high quality.

The equipment for lighting as part of the security system may include equipment and emergency evacuation lighting, for example, light panels and boards indicating the direction of movement of people in the evacuation of the building in an emergency, signs of elevators, fire hydrants, glowing button "Exit" and so n.

Electrical Equipment lighting systems are primarily machines, power switches, contactors, circuit breakers, lightning protection and grounding devices, cables and wires, as well as all kinds of connectors, sockets, switches, buttons, knobs, terminals, etc.

And finally, any illumination can function without cabling. Intelligent solutions for network architecture, accurate broaching the cable routes and wise selection of active and passive equipment cable network will provide high-bandwidth processing, functionality, modularity and manageability of your lighting system.

Flylink experts will provide expert assistance in the organization of a comfortable, stylish and functional lighting of your office space, industrial space, warehouse and any other company on the basis of reliable and optimally designed for lighting equipment from leading manufacturers.


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