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Lighting Maintenance

Maintenance coverage includes not only able to maintain the optimum performance of the very sources of light - all kinds of lighting fixtures, lamps, and other playback devices of artificial light and various functional purpose, but including a broad range of instruments and equipment belonging to the "support" systems, without which light itself would be hollow. Thus, professional comprehensive service coverage also involves careful monitoring equipment the following information systems:

  • security facility
  • Electric Networks, and uninterruptible power supply
  • structured cabling system

Техническое обслуживание освещения

Complex Maintenance Coverage: no little things

You might ask - what is the connection between lighting and, for example, security systems? However, among hardware security system you can find a lot of lightning devices, which depends on the health of not only the safety of the business assets, but also personal safety of those within the protected object. An example of such equipment may be lighted buttons, panels and other equipment indicator lights that indicate the path of emergency evacuation in case of fire and other emergency situations. In addition, the facility provides comprehensive security and lighting devices installed, for example, in places that are dangerous to pass, as well as along the main passage production departments of enterprises with more than fifty employees working at the same time.

Similarly, the electrical and cabling systems. The first of these provides a continuous vitality of lighting and equipment, and the second - primarily responsible for the management and monitoring of the lighting system. For example, serviceable wiring coupled with a continuous flow of quality power supply is capable of repeatedly extend the life of lighting products, while the sharp jumps mains voltage stabilizer is not smooth, or cut the main power is not "err" automatic transfer, represent a real threat for their viability.

Thus, in the course of technical support for the system object illumination is important to provide any "detail", because the relationship of information systems are such that the slightest defect in one of these will inevitably entail its repetition in others.

Flylink is ready to offer you a professional service on a periodic illumination as well as on an ongoing basis. The work of our technicians at your facility - it's a personal safe and comfortable working environment for your staff, nice atmosphere for guests and a guarantee of health coverage system for years to come.


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