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Maintenance of electrical networks

Maintenance of electrical networks is a necessary for their and efficient operation. Regardless grid quality fails may occur due to improper handling or cable damage.

If you enter into a contract for the maintenance of electrical networks, you get the electrical system, protected from crashes and congestions. It should be understood that the maintenance of power characterized by the following regular and periodic activities:

  • regular inspection, adjustment, testing, and maintenance of the UPS, stabilizers, automatic switches systems and other equipment supply
  • Verification of SCS and distribution equipment for compliance with the general stress of electric consumers, etc.
  • Prevention and Troubleshooting
  • measurement of insulation
  • Repair and replacement of equipment and components supply, out of order
  • Technical advice to users on the network
  • in case of change of state standards - updating and certification network
  • Other work

обслуживание электросети

Maintenance and repair of power supply: provide everything!

As we can see from the above, it is needed to control many important points. That's why in-service professional aims to provide everything possible to make their own work easier, and thus the minimum to intervene in the planned budget of the customer. In this sense, the agreement is very important for the maintenance of electrical networks, which is a guarantee that all preventive and planned work will be carried out on time, problems are resolved quickly, and the grid at any level of complexity will be run efficiently and smoothly.

"Flylink" experts are qualified to access to any kind of electrical equipment and are able to perform a complete diagnosis and maintenance of power. We will perform the reconstruction of power, the emergency repair of cable transmission lines, reconstruction, replacement of high-voltage cells, wiring, switches, promptly and efficiently and if necessary, make changes and additions to the network.


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