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The assembly of the electrical cabinet

Assembly of electrical cabinets - not an easy process, requires good systems approach to every detail. In Flylink we have everything from professional development to special assembly plant with all necessary equipment and items in order to complete this process with the appropriate quality.

Usually, the assembly of electrical cabinets made in accordance with the two options:

  • According to the technical and design documentation provided by the customer
  • Based on working documents, which is being developed by specialists Contractor in accordance to customers' specifications

The mounting of the electrical cabinet

Installation starts from the installation on the outside of the control cabinet door hardware and light signaling. This, above all, the alarm lamps, switches modes, the power supply to the lamp enclosure, control buttons, power button, etc. Also, the equipment required to carry out installation in the control panel controller, which allows for easy and convenient configuration of the equipment.

Electrical boxes are assembled by our experts using imported components from leading manufacturers of electrical equipment, such as ABB, Legrand, etc. All of the elements and components are based on the DIN-rail or mounting plates, for easy installation and replacement of parts cabinet.

As for wiring Internal wiring starter equipment, they are laid in perforated plastic boxes, covered with a special cover.

Thus, the accuracy and precision in manufacturing cabinets our employees are a guarantee to meet the highest requirements (up to build intelligent lighting control system "Smart House"), placed on the end product.


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