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The cost of the ATS

The introduction of the ATS at a low price could well prove to be as reliable, safe and durable as mounting ATS, at the price that shows too high figures. Fiction? Nothing like that. Just an automatic transfer switch, like any cable system shall be calculated based on the individual characteristics of the object of introduction: this is why, it turns out that sometimes the most budget automatic changeover system will cope with the responsibilities entrusted to it much quicker and smarter and better than if it "loaded "certainly very advanced, but it is completely useless in particular situation.

The ATS Pricings

The value of ABP, as usual, depends on the following factors:

  • the complexity of the design
  • The cost of the equipment and system accessories
  • functionality of the ATS control
  • The cost of maintenance of the system during operation

In some cases, the design of the ATS is reduced to the selection of a single standardized circuit realizing strictly automatic transfer switch - timely switching power supply with a damaged main source of the backup, and back when power is restored to the main. It's quite another thing - when, in addition to the actual switching of the ATS will require, for example, accurate records of energy consumption, operation in economy mode, remote administration, etc. Depending on the complexity of the functional ATS control increases the complexity of design and development, during which the Customer may be offered a number of kinds of the ATS, a different set of equipment, etc.

Thus, the cost of the Customer increases in direct proportion to the functional characteristics of the ATS. And where the expanded functionality, of course, added to or complicated equipment - perhaps the most significant cost to the organization of uninterruptible power consumers. The choice of the appropriate type of automatic transfer switch is also determined by considerations of durability, safety, and individual ideas about the prestige of the Customer.

However, just as often ABP, the price of which is based on hourly or daily rent prices for the work of the designers, installers and members of other professions involved in setting up an automatic transfer switch.

Finally it is worth to warn that all attempts to save on the implementation of the ATS may need time to break up on costly maintenance of the system during operation. That's why the only reliable and experienced professionals can develop for you a truly balanced and customized for the specific object price ABP, once approving that you do not come up with any hidden fees, discrepancies, resulting in additional costs, and other unpleasant surprises either in the process of implementation, or in the course of operation of the electrical system. Flylink company guarantee you such a result.


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