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Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

Uninterruptible Power Supplies - devices that have an electric battery and accumulate charge during normal operation of the supply chain input. In the event of a power input circuit of the UPS switches automatically to its internal battery. It is important to know that the battery charge can run out and depends on the load connected load can produce electricity consumers from several hours to several minutes.

Uninterruptible Power System

In your office can be used devices that require electricity for its operation with constant parameters (e.g. supply voltage 220 V, AC; 50 Hz) and care of these parameters may adversely affect the accuracy and performance of your consumers. Not to mention the servers, power interruption that is fraught with many challenges. 

Momentary power servers will restart after this procedure many of the applications, which were interrupted in the process will require manual configuration and start-up, as is the case and the loss of information that is processed by the server when the trip. This is a brief interruption of power supply servers, often expensive goes for any company. 

In medicine, clinics, hospitals requirements to guarantee uninterrupted power supply even higher. The accuracy of medical devices may depend on the parameters of stable power supply. Some noises can not be filtered out by internal filters switching power supplies such devices and affect the accuracy of measurements, etc.

When building systems, uninterruptible power supplies, our engineers will take into account all the nuances and offer a solution that meets your requirements.


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