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UPS equipment

UPS equipment – is a necessary component of modern electrical networks that supply equipment life-support systems of the object, such as heating systems, local area networks, video surveillance, etc. After all, the equipment, provided that it is competent selection and installation, protects all devices that are part of data systems, the following problems:

  • Complete power failure in the public supply
  • subsidence and power surge
  • high-frequency noise, high voltage transients
  • frequency deviation out of the limited values

All of the above problems adversely affect the operation of electric consumers, increasing the likelihood of failure, and often the failure of expensive equipment. Thus, the increased stress arising due to underutilized or off powerful consumers, shortcomings in the system of regulation, etc., can cause overheating, tripping and equipment damage. Because of the sudden loss of voltage failure happens unprotected data, as well as the power in the previous case, the output of a hardware failure. A so-called "noise" usually causes malfunctioning of equipment. This problem is even more acute in regions where power problems - a common occurrence. And if, for example, we are talking about a country cottage heating system, its refusal in the winter threatens not only the breakdown of the boiler equipment, but also major facilities of the building. Thus the need for the UPS extends not only to the server, but also to any other equipment: uninterruptible power perfectly cope with the "safety net" of all of your critical equipment engineering systems.

UPS equipment: recommendations of experts

Appropriateness of the use of a particular type and brand of UPS depends on how complex and multi-functional site-specific information systems, and are included in their equipment. Uninterruptible power supply from well-known manufacturers, such as: APC, General Electric, Ippon, Powerware, and others, provide many years of reliable performance as they themselves and their equipment to be protected, and it allows the use of such UPS, as they say, in the most "hard cases" - that is, to protect the equipment, failure of which may result in irreversible consequences. The system of guaranteed power supply, as from a technical point of view is quite complex organism should be as simple and require minimal maintenance and operation. That is why to choose the UPS manufacturer - that's half the battle, and to ensure maximum efficiency of the system is possible only if its implementation and follow-up technical support will be handled by professionals.

Depending on the specific objectives of the customer, our experts will select and install the UPS system that allows you to have confidence in the system of guaranteed uninterrupted power supply to any object of your property.


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