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UPS Testing

UPS testing - a necessary condition for its continued safe operation, after all, in addition to checking the device for compliance with the essential requirements of the external parameters, the test involves UPS monitoring the equipment, they say, "in the case." Therefore, it is possible that even with the new-fangled and seemingly impeccable source eventually have to say goodbye with no regrets.< /p>

Typically, the test is carried out uninterrupted power supply in the following areas:

  • Check equipment and warranty
  • Study the external appearance and internal devices and circuits
  • Battery Test
  • direct testing (on-line and battery testing with and without load, bench testing)

Let's start with the fact that a truly quality uninterruptible power supply comes in original box, the package should include the appropriate cables and software, and the warranty is usually covered up to 2 years or more.

UPS housing is preferable to have a metal. Also check the external interface unit (connectors, LEDs, etc.) and to correlate it with the protection needs specific equipment. As for the internal structure of the source, as a rule, is preferable to the standard layout of the "stuffing" UPS: in the upper part is usually in charge of electronics, and the bottom - the battery and transformer. Also pay attention to the technical characteristics of batteries and how they charge.

Direct test the UPS begins with testing the power of the network. What follows is a test of uninterruptible power supplies for quality and on-time switching power from the battery.

It is also important to check the battery charge parameters. Finally, carefully fixed parameters of the device with the actual load.

Flylink experts are the high qualified professionals who can safely trust not only the choice and testing of UPS, but its installation and maintenance. Choosing us, you will not worry about the safety of your equipment.


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