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Designing systems of CCTV

Designing video surveillance system - an important step in creating an integrated system of on-site security. If the range of activities on implementation of security systems preceded a serious and detailed design, installation of video surveillance systems, usually does not cause any difficulties, because reliable design CCTV ensures compatibility of components and equipment between themselves and the correctness of their installation, connection and setup, and thus a high reliability and quality of protection, greatly improves the security of persons and property. Say more while working on the most critical areas of the system are based on the surveillance schemes, which are held in the strictest confidence. Therefore, it is advisable to think several times whether to trust such a responsible job to random people.

проектирование видеонаблюдения

The content and design costs of video surveillance systems

The Designing of video surveillance system brings clarity to the customers order and the contractor helps to shape and place on a paper system requirements to be met by security. In addition, project-based security service generates a number of preventive and other measures to ensure the proper control of the facility. And, as we have noted above, if the quality was the design, installation of video surveillance systems will also be produced as efficiently as possible, and the system will be put into operation as soon as possible: of course, if the cause will take professionals.

Project Surveillance System is a set of design, technical and explanatory documentation that is provided to the customer in the form of a booklet on A3 or A4 format. The list included in the standard project document something like this:

  • Cover Sheet. It displays information about the object data, customer and contractor (Contractor), and identifies the responsible persons of the Contractor.
  • Statement of the working draft. This document provides information on the composition of the project.
  • Executive Summary includes general part list and description of the object of protection, the purpose of the system, the main technical solutions, equipment placement, power, grounding, safety requirements and information about the organization and assembly work.
  • set of working drawings, for example, the layout of equipment and cabling, wiring diagrams, wiring diagrams of equipment, etc.
  • Cable magazine. This document contains information about wires and cables, for example, cross-section and length of the cable, as well as other characteristics.
  • Bill of materials and equipment. Here are the markings, the type and amount of equipment and system components.

Designing surveillance carried out on the basis of the provided customer or his authorized representative of a special document - the terms of reference (TOR) (TK). (ТЗ). This is necessary be in accordance with the requirements of the guidance document RD 25.952-90 "automatic sprinkler systems, fire, security and fire alarm systems. The order of development of the design assignment. "

The Design of CCTV is clearly in stages: this depends directly on the outcome. That's why, when you create a project professionals need to overcome the following mandatory steps:

  • site examination and negotiation with the customer. The result of the passage of this stage is above TK (ТЗ).
  • Preliminary design. The final draft emerges on the basis of working drawings and sketches.
  • Preparation of design and estimate documentation. A detailed list of equipment and allows the definition of work to agree with the customer the cost of the design of video surveillance systems, and promptly eliminate possible design defects.
  • Approval of the project.
  • Instructing the customer's personnel.

In the company "Flylink" You'll get the most effective design solution for the implementation of security problems of any complexity.


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Complex security systems - CCTV installation (video surveillance) and access control systems will improve the efficiency of a warehouse, cottage, office shop and other sectors of business.

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