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Service of video surveillance system

The system includes video surveillance complex and expensive equipment which needs professional care, prevention and a regular set up. Only a systematic and competent service of CCTV (video surveillance system) will extend its life and ensure the safety and efficiency in all conditions.


Repair Video Surveillance System with a guarantee of quality

Our staff has extensive experience working with video surveillance systems of varying complexity, and of course cope with the diagnosis and detection of faults such infrastructure, even if it was set by another organization.

Usually the main causes of faults are:

  • the hardware components (fault cameras, video recorders, video servers, etc.)
  • network components (hardware fault processing and signal transmission cable, or optical lines, routers, switches, etc.)
  • the power supply system (including backup uninterrupted power supply)
  • Software (malfunction of computer equipment, failure or settings, incompatibility with other security systems, viruses, etc.)

After identifying the reasons for the removal of all faults, if you can not remove components, or change to new or temporary (if for exemple, the need for a warranty repair equipment).

Also in the process of replacing equipment, we can offer you a video surveillance system upgrade components that becomes relevant at such a rapid development of modern technologies. Modernization for example, a conventional analog equipment with IP- video surveillance will allow you to use a high resolution camera, connect the system of automatic recognition, increase the area of ​​coverage and detail of events.

Technical maintenance of video surveillance system CCTV and its contents

Your video surveillance system is the most powerful and at the same time simple and easy to manage, control tool to ensure security at your facility. Maintenance of video surveillance systems - a complex range of activities aimed at the maintenance of the receiving and transmitting devices and other hardware and surveillance carried out in batch mode during the whole life of the system. Therefore, as a rule, maintenance by specialized companies.

The basic document under which the service is performed, is the contract between the Employer and the Contractor. It contains a list of all the activities carried out within the framework of system maintenance. This list is called the regulations made ​​maintenance of security equipment (TCO). Prior to the signing of the agreement both parties involved to conduct a detailed analysis of the object of service, to establish the technical condition of the structure, verify that the installation of CCTV existing project documentation, etc. As a rule, the result of this "audit" is a special Act that contains all of the above parameters, as well as suggestions for improvement and upgrading of the system.

Standard contract for maintenance of video surveillance systems, as a rule, prescribe procedures for the following activities:

  • Maintenance of system components (cleaning, replacement and / or repair items, broken, etc.) at least once per quarter
  • the current structure of the minor repairs
  • elimination of the major problems
  • ensuring equal replacement of equipment at the time of its renovation
  • prevention of the equipment (camera and lens alignment, inspection of cable lines, power supply systems and equipment, etc.)
  • planned replacement of failed components surveillance (similar to working order or others with equivalent technical parameters and characteristics)
  • testing equipment (instruments measured indicators, monitoring the health of all working parts of the system, etc.)
  • Installing and configuring software
  • Advise the customer's personnel in the operation of video surveillance
  • a proposal for the modernization of
  • Maintenance of video surveillance system does NOT include:
  • upgrading surveillance systems (in accordance with the new requirements of the Customer)
  • Overhaul of video surveillance systems at the expiration of the term of its service
  • Troubleshooting arising due to changes or repairs (conducted in the period of our services by third parties)
  • Troubleshooting, due to unforeseen third-party effects (force-majeure, such as earthquake, fire, storm, etc.)

In the above cases, the maintenance of the system can be arranged separately.

It should be noted that the resemblance of equipment for video surveillance with other computers creates a false conviction of its owners is that the maintenance of the system can be trusted with any power user or, in extreme cases, the system administrator. However, the video surveillance equipment is very specific, characterized by high technical complexity, and truly competent and sane sysadmin hasten himself to abandon such commitments. Not to mention the responsibility for maintaining the confidentiality of the information stored on the server video surveillance.

The company "Flylink" engaged in the maintenance of video surveillance systems for years. Because of this, the system serviced by our specialists will be different absolute reliability throughout its lifetime.


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Design and installation of SCS. SCS - professional building structured cabling systems. Corporate computer networks - the organization, laying, setting up, upgrading or repair.

Complex security systems - CCTV installation (video surveillance) and access control systems will improve the efficiency of a warehouse, cottage, office shop and other sectors of business.

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