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Fire alarm

Fire alarm system is designed for the early detection of places smoke and / or fire at the facility and the development of appropriate warnings to the occupants, as well as automatic fire extinguisher. Fire alarm system, first of all, necessary for sites where the risk of fire is estimated as high - it is, for example, chemical and metallurgical plants, hotels, warehouses and terminals, offices and shopping centers, gas, etc. However, the installation of fire alarm on objects not included in this risk group, will also help to preserve not only wealth, but also the lives and health of people. After all, better safe, as they say, God protects.

The composition and the main types of fire alarm

Typically, the fire alarm system has the following composition:

  • receiving and monitoring equipment (if necessary - with remote control)
  • Equipment Command Center remote operators
  • Fire alarms and detectors
  • The units of sound and light warning system (sirens, warning lights, etc.)

Control panels of fire alarm nourish light, heat, smoke, light, gas and other fire detectors and alarms, take the input from these alarms, and generates an alarm message, sending them to the command center.

From the command center, in turn, shaped setting of the pagers, which then drive the external fire detection systems - automatic fire, smoke removal and ventilation.

The control panel of the fire alarm system is used for local control of fire alarm equipment.

As for the typology of automated fire alarm systems in the field of fire safety is divided into three key types:

  • threshold
  • Addressable Questionnaire
  • Analogue Addressable

Threshold system, also known as the traditional, built using fire detectors, having a certain threshold, set back in the factory and are not subject to correction. For example, if we talk about the sensor smoke detector, it will provide a suitable signal to the alarm control panel only after reaching a certain level of ambient atmosphere "gassed": as long as the amount of smoke reaches a certain threshold, the detector will be "silent." Fire alarm threshold based on the principle of radial topology: that is, from the control panel in different directions diverge fire sheyfy - "rays", including, as a rule, up to 30 sensors, and actuation of one control panel displays the number of "ray" . The advantage of such systems is the low cost of the equipment, but the information content of the sensors due to thresholds significantly reduced, and the fire is detected much later. In addition, health monitoring sensors is rather difficult, and fuel assembly materials does not economical.

The survey targeted-fire alarm has a fire alarm loop ring architectures and different threshold algorithm due to the fire control panel detector: instead of constant "wait" signal from the fire sensor, the control panel addressable polling system itself periodically "inquires about the state of" sensors. It allows to monitor their performance, as well as more responsive to any fire or fire hazard.

And finally, the most advanced fire alarm system - it's analogue addressable system. While retaining all the advantages of an address-polling system, analogue addressable alarm system incorporates intelligent control panel, which produces a continuous dynamic polling let down her fire detector itself "decides" question the state of the object. Such a scheme of operation allows identifying fire hazards and, as a consequence, to prevent possible damage. The only disadvantage of these systems is the high cost of equipment.

The specialists of "Flylink", with their professionalism will make sure that they build fire alarm system has served long and regularly while minimizing material costs of the Customer to the fire alarm system at the stage of implementation of the project.


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