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Fire protection equipment

All equipment of fire protection system can be divided into two basic parts:

  • detecting devices (reacting to changes in the various quantities of the environment) - sensors;
  • devices interpretive messages sensors (showing that control, control) sensors - controllers and control panels.

The principle of operation of fire protection systems is simple. The sensor is triggered by fire, smoke or change other controlled variables and transmits a signal to the controller. The controller captures the signal and sends a corresponding signal is triggered on the remote control transmitter. The remote control displays the information.

So, consider the equipment:

C-2000. Remote monitoring and control from one up to 127, "Signal 20", "Signal-20P", "S2000-4", "S2000-TAC", "S2000-SP1", "S2000-K", "S2000-CN "," S2000-BI "," S2000-IT "," S2000-ASPT "," S2000-PBC "via RS-485, recent events, access to the PC or printer via RS-232.

пульт контроля охранной и противопожарной системыRemote control security and fire "S2000M." Designed for use in intruder and fire alarm systems in conjunction with the alarm control "Signal 20", "Signal-20P", "S2000-4", "Signal 20," a series of 02 two-wire controllers "S2000-KDL" , devices control and management of fire "S2000-ASPT" relay units "S2000-SP1" and "S2000-KPB" keyboards "S2000-K" and "S2000-KS" blocks indicating "S2000-BI" controllers access Control "S2000-2."

It’s the development of the remote "S2000", maintaining its function and having at the same new features.

C-2000-CDL. Control of the two-wire line to 127 detectors (zones, loops) powered by the line, control by remote control "S2000" or computer via RS-485.

C-2000-SP2. Addressable relay unit on two relays. It feeds from the "S2000-CDL." Relay control from the remote "C2000" or "C2000-CDL."

C-2000-BI App. 01. The display unit to display the status of sections 35, 5 pumps and pumping station in an integrated system of "Orion" with foam "Flow-3H." The RS-485, powered by a 10 to 28 V.

DIP-34A (SP-212-34A). Smoke detector Analogue Addressable. Designed for monitoring and detection of fires, accompanied by smoke in enclosed spaces of various buildings and facilities and the issuance of Notices to "Fire", "Dust", "Warning", "Error", "Disconnected."

C-2000-IP isp.02. Fire Heat Detector Analogue Addressable as a differential, is powered by a two-wire line from the "S2000-KDL", up to 127 addresses.

ASI-513-3A. Manual fire alarm. Dining on a line from "S2000-KDL." Designed for use with "S2000-KDL" for the formation of an alarm message "Fire" on the break plastic window.

C-2000-AP8. The address extender eight loops to control the closure and termination. Powered by a two-wire line, reports state trails through the "S2000-KDL" on board "S2000" or computers. Functional analogue "Ademko 4208."

PI-GR. Interface converter RS-232 - RS-485 with galvanic isolation.

MP 24/12 V voltage converter module. Embedded in the RIP at 24 to provide a second voltage of 12 V. The output current - 0.5 A power supply is designed for camcorders (including surveillance), detectors, control panels burglar and fire alarms and other consumers 12 V or 9 V DC.

SPS-24 (Spanish 01). Redundant power supply with a microprocessor weed control, 24 V, 3.0 A (10 min, 4 A, 2 minutes, 6-A), visual and audible indication of operating modes, the capacity of 2x7 A/Hour (without battery), the ability to connect external batteries A 2h17? hour discharge protection. Cover under lock.

CRA-7. Battery for equipment of fire alarm or power reserve and UPS. Maintenance-free. Voltage of 12V. Current 7A / h length 140mm x width 57mm x height 87mm.


Cabling Systems.

Fiber Optic Lines.

Wireless Networks.

Powering and Lightning.

Security Systems.


Design and installation of SCS. SCS - professional building structured cabling systems. Corporate computer networks - the organization, laying, setting up, upgrading or repair.

Complex security systems - CCTV installation (video surveillance) and access control systems will improve the efficiency of a warehouse, cottage, office shop and other sectors of business.

WMS warehouse management system. Integrated WMS implementation of various infrastructures - access control, electric power, data centers, security systems, video surveillance, high-precision equipment ...