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Service of security alarm

Maintenance of alarm systems is a set of activities aimed at the maintenance of efficiency of means of protection, receiving and transmitting equipment and other components of the security system. This work must be carried out on an ongoing basis throughout the life of the system.

Service contract of the security alarm systems, and its main components

The whole range of activities and events aimed at maintenance of alarm systems, is part of the agreement between the Employer and the Contractor. Before you sign it, the two sides conducted a kind of "audit" of the object in order to determine the structure of the security of the system, its technical condition, compliance with the finished installation of security system design documentation, etc. The test results are usually presented in the form of the Act, which, in addition to the above, along with recommendations for the modernization of the existing system.

Work on the contract for the maintenance of security alarm systems include the following items:

  • quarterly system maintenance (cleaning, soldering, replacement or repair defective components of the system, testing and performance monitoring of all system units, measuring voltages, etc.)
  • planned Troubleshooting (current repairs)
  • planned replacement of defective devices and components serviceable for similar or equivalent
  • Verification, reinstalling and configuring the software
  • testing of wireless communication devices (if any) from the control panel
  • Take measures to prevent false alarms
  • advising the Customer and its representatives on the use of the system

Maintenance of security alarm systems do not include:

  • overhaul of the security system, the life that came to an end
  • Troubleshooting arising from changes or repairs carried out by non-members of the Contractor
  • Troubleshooting, those for which the negligence of the Customer with the system, and also because of climatic and other unforeseen external factors (fire, storm, etc.)

Service contract alarm systems, concluded with "Flylink" ensures quality and timely execution of works from which we service security system will not let the customer for the duration of its operation.


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Design and installation of SCS. SCS - professional building structured cabling systems. Corporate computer networks - the organization, laying, setting up, upgrading or repair.

Complex security systems - CCTV installation (video surveillance) and access control systems will improve the efficiency of a warehouse, cottage, office shop and other sectors of business.

WMS warehouse management system. Integrated WMS implementation of various infrastructures - access control, electric power, data centers, security systems, video surveillance, high-precision equipment ...