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The cost of ACS

The cost of ACS is influenced by many parameters. But the most important thing is that our company always strives to offer the best balance of cost and quality of the equipment if the customer wants to reduce the cost of access control system. In this case, we do not take into account the cost of ACS parameters such as the complexity of the software or the complexity of the cable due to the fact that our professionals have extensive experience and high qualification. Therefore, the requirements to the quality of installation of access control systems do not affect the cost of the project.

Стоимость СКУД

The main components of the cost of ACS

The cost of ACS significantly influenced by the choice of the manufacturer (vendor) systems hardware and software. Major domestic software companies in the industry that are important in Moscow and Moscow region, are - Bolid, Kodos, Perko, Legos and others.
Of the foreign key vendors - Siemens (Siemens SIPASS) and Honeywell Systems Group (Honeywell Security).

The main parameters affecting the cost of installing access control systems:

  • manufacturer of control systems and remote access
  • The number of points of passage at the facility, equipped with a system access control
  • layout and other architectural features of the object
  • terms of execution of work and other factors

The number of points in relation to the passage of a conditional option, but it allows the customer in some cases, to make a comparative analysis of the costs of different access control systems integrators. But by and large it forms only increase the cost of the large number of points of passage. Area, number of rooms and the complexity of the plan affects the choice of types of equipment and the complexity of the installation and setup of equipment. Urgency install ACS generates the need to work on holidays and weekends, which is usually paid at double rate.

As a result all the same when calculating the cost of ACS "lion's share" budget "eats" the purchase of software and equipment, consisting of a set of modules, access control, each of which is responsible for the performance of certain functions.

As for the manufacturers, the debate about which brand is better - a common occurrence in any area of life, including when it comes to system integration. In fact, almost any technical problem solved by the same manufacturer, can be successfully solved using equipment from competitors. The main thing - the hands, because illiterate installation can "kill" even the most high-tech and reliable equipment. That's why choosing a systems integrator in most cases, is everything.

The cost of ACS in "Flylink" - the value is not only intelligent, but also ensures optimum quality. Our specialists will perform a comprehensive access control installation of "turnkey" of any complexity, well adapted to the needs of the customer and in the shortest possible time.

We also carry out maintenance of access control systems, upgrades, reconfiguration or repair, as established by our experts, and third-party system integrators.


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Design and installation of SCS. SCS - professional building structured cabling systems. Corporate computer networks - the organization, laying, setting up, upgrading or repair.

Complex security systems - CCTV installation (video surveillance) and access control systems will improve the efficiency of a warehouse, cottage, office shop and other sectors of business.

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