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The cost of the alert system

One of the most pressing issues of the organization of public address system - the price - not always turns out to be resolved in favor of the end user. After all, in addition to the cost of equipment, installation and configuration warning systems, based on the required functionality, the timing of its implementation, and other traditional factors of pricing, the task manager is the strict observance of the numerous laws - in particular, the Federal Law "Fire security", by orders of Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations and other documents defining the types of warning systems for buildings of different specificity. Thus, the cost of an adequate warning system not only determines its quality, but also saves you from conflict with the authorities.

Warning systems: the price determines the functional

However, all individually, and in many cases to meet fire safety regulations and requirements of the Ministry of Emergency Situations is sufficient to establish the enterprise simplest siren and strobes. In other situations - for example, to separate the protected object in the zone warning and their individual feedback from fire control station, which integrates public address system equipment, the price is already quite different in a big way, thanks to the need to acquire more sophisticated and expensive equipment. By "area" means a room or group of rooms, which should cover the notification, independent of the other zones: Generally, indoor office-type coverage area is considered to be the standard floor.

Because of that, in the first place, the cost of the system consists Alert? We can say that in the main sphere of influence on prices are options such as:

  • Appointment Alert System
  • How to transfer alarm
  • The number of alarm zones
  • capacity of each of the zones, etc.

It is clear that the main purpose is to inform the public address systems on emergency and evacuation routes from dangerous areas. However, in terms of cost alert system is a significant difference between a system designed exclusively for the transmission of alarm signals and a system that, for example, translates into a normal mode background music, advertisements and other entertaining and informative audio information. And the broadcast alarm in various ways: for example, by means of audible warning siren is much cheaper than a system in which, in addition to the siren implements the functions of voice and light signals.

Also, the cost of notification system affects the division of the object on the alarm zones: the more such zones and the more complex and individual actions within each algorithm warning, the more "gravitas" budget alert system.

Price also has a direct dependence of the acoustic design of warning systems, which, in turn, is determined by the individual characteristics of the object, requiring the exclusive approach to the selection and arrangement of equipment. So, for example, hanging loudspeakers in sufficient distance from the ceiling improves the intelligibility and quality of the transmitted audio signal, eliminating excess reverberation and other acoustic "noise", but if hanging in the premises of the dynamics are completely appropriate, then, for example, in a conference room or lobby high-end business center they are definitely out of place, at least in terms of design. Another question that should not be neglected - is the power of the transmitted signal, because in many cases - for example, in noisy industrial environments - people simply can not hear the alarm message, translated with insufficient force.

Besides the organization of public address systems should take into account the additional conditions set by the testing organization, for example, in relation to buildings and premises, which are often working or people with physical disabilities (eg, hard of hearing or visually impaired): This process may also require the installation of additional equipment and as a consequence, increase the value of alert system.

Anyway, the above mentioned without violating state requirements, the specialists of "Flylink" has long been helping customers from all over Russia, the most quickly receive in the order of notification, the price of which is quite commensurate with their quality, functional complexity, and other parameters.


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