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Hardware equipment of public address system

Equipment local warning system is designed to qualitatively perform its main task - the transfer of information about the emergency situation on the source of all the warning zone. In addition, equipment alarm systems can transmit light signals, and in normal mode with the help of devices can alert broadcast a variety of ads, music and information programs, etc.

The main hardware modules of local warning system

In most cases, equipment classification local warning system involves several basic modules (blocks) included in the model system of notification. It modules such as:

  • sources of income and signal
  • sound-enhancing equipment
  • loudspeaker (translational) equipment and lighting devices
  • control and switching unit

The sources of the signal may include a public address system equipment, as microphones, tuners, tape recorders, record players, etc. In this case, sources in the public address system may be a few, especially if the object has a fairly large area and, consequently, several independent loudspeaker zones. Despite the fact that in the normal mode, the system can transmit the background audio programs, radio broadcasting equipment to connect one or more signal sources - mics or specialized microphone consoles with which the dispatcher sends the necessary emergency messages. As a rule, the "activation" of the source signal drowned out all the background programs, and to attract people's attention before broadcasting emergency announcements system gives an indication sound (gong, bell, etc.). Also, all signal sources usually have a different priority (highest priority, as a rule, have the aforementioned microphone inputs and sensors unit alarm systems). When the most important of these works, the others are automatically turned off or muted.

The main purpose of sound-amplifying equipment alert system is to increase the capacity of broadcast signal, followed by its transfer to the loudspeaker equipment. Power amplifiers is calculated based on the total capacity of the connected speakers, quantity, specifications and types which, in turn, are determined according to the specific features of the object alerts, level of industrial noise, the natural reverb. etc. The calculation of sound-amplifying equipment and speakerphone local warning system - an important point of acoustic design of warning systems, so should only be performed by qualified personnel, because due to incorrect equipment selection speech signal can not be heard, for example, in manufacturing plants with high noise levels or be misinterpreted because of the "blur" playback.

In addition to the central server and the administration panel, some system management alerts can take on these "non-core" device, such as a PBX equipment: connection to him alert system will make an announcement on any area of ​​the page from any internal phone. This way you can solve a host of related tasks, such as, for example, search for the missing worker in the workplace. In hotel rooms, guest may choose to turn off the background music and announcements, or mute / volume added: wherein the transmission of the alarm will be made regardless of the volume knob. And for government agencies and other strategic facilities equipment warning systems allows for full remote control.

The use of the specialists of "Flylink" a wide range of equipment of the local warning system in conjunction with a wealth of experience of installation of warning systems allows us to create different level of complexity, but always reliable and affordable system of notification.


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