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Smart house

It is widely thought, that conception of Smart Home is nothing more then “image”, to show the richness and high status of its owner. Well, from some points this is true, but smart home conception is not just useless luxury, because engaging some kind of home automation it can bring its owner to completely new level of comfort, security and besides how strange it sounds but money safe. Especially it works for Moscow users of smart homes. Moscow is upmarket city, prestigious and expensive, and unfortunately criminal. This is why most customers of smart home systems are guided not only image, but more about security reasons.

умный дом

Smart Home System: When the Dreams Come True

So what is Smart Home system? It is integrated and automated system, that possess intellect, and combines different engineering systems (more then 40) with monitoring and control system. This system carefully distributes the resources, reduces operation costs and has user friendly interface to control and monitoring.

So, we have entered the 21st century. Century of brand new technologies, brave theories, amazing discoveries, and progress. On the other hand, wish to live in comfort conditions accompanies human beings since ancient times. But, if in the recent past it was needed to have servants to fulfill our “whims”, now instead of exploitation of human labor, we have modern advanced technologies. And Smart Home concept is vivid example of such approach for your cottage, apartment and even, why not ancestral castle.

Now, let us imagine your beautiful cottage, feel each minute of comfort, safety, warmth and happiness… And it doesn’t matter where it is located: Paris, Milano, Moscow, Toronto, New- York; advanced technologies will make it wonder everywhere!

So Here Comes the Dawn…

You wake up, for the smooth sound of melody. Curtains are slightly opened, inviting early sun light into you room. It reminds childhood, when loving mom wake you up so tenderly. Breakfast is already prepared and waits for you in the kitchen, smooth voice tells you weather forecast, or latest business news etc…

You are off for a work, or walk, and doors gets shut themselves, and security system is activated. And all passive and active equipment reliably controls all rooms, windows and garden of your smart home. You get into your car, and drive into gates, that are already opened, and closed right after you have drive out. Miracle? Absolutely not! This is just your smart home tenderly and carefully cares about you.

In the Evening?..

The story continues…So you return home. Gates recognizes you and gets opened. Lights turns on and off as you passé them. Then you get by the door. Security system recognizes you and lets you in. And there is light in the corridor, warm floor, as you wish. Your favorite music meets you, everything works for you could feel the comfort of your home sweet home. Light turn automatically once you enter the room, and turns off while you get out. And you do not have to worry, about that at all. The system works absolutely automatically. By the way, the supper is already waits for you in the kitchen.

Of you want to change hobbies and preferences. You can change the TV channel, music, light, and schedule from remote control. So smart home helps you to avoid home bother while save time for meditation, relax and fun.

Basic Elements of “Smart Home” System

Maybe the story above sounds fantastic, but it is absolutely real. As we said above, any, even the most sophisticated smart home consist of some simple systems, or subsystems:

  • Entertainment systems (multi-room) – the home theatre, karaoke, music system, and selection control for the audio and video.
  • Support systems – ventilation, air conditioning, heating, hydro, gas etc..
  • Powering system control; lightning, powering of different equipment, uninterrupted power supplies, emergency power, on/off automation.
  • Communication system: Internet, telephony, etc.
  • Security system: CCTV, access control system, public address system etc…

So having these systems integrated, and properly synchronized you can control the entire environment of your home. The only question is to find experts, who can realize this wonder perfectly, timely, and financial safely. Flylink – is well known name in area of design, and implementation of smart home systems. We will perform complete automation of your cottage, apartment, penthouse, or any other object. Our systems will serve for long years for you.

“Smart Home” System

By the way vivid example of Smart Home system can be seen on “Iron Man” movie.


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Complex security systems - CCTV installation (video surveillance) and access control systems will improve the efficiency of a warehouse, cottage, office shop and other sectors of business.

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