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“Smart Home” System Installation

Do you really need the “Smart Home” system? For our experts there will be no problem to install and set up the entire system. Flylink company cares about high quality of passing all the stages of projects like Smart home, and complete accordance to all needs of customer, and all sort of all standards and requirements of state institutions like Gospozhnadzor ( Fire fighting institution) etc…

Smart home installation – endless comfort!

Usually smart home system is made as four stages:

  • Laying cables
  • Passive equipment installation
  • Active and local equipment installation
  • Setting up the individual parameters, and programming of entire system

Laying of audio and video cables is performed in complete accordance with electric design, and approved project of your future Smart Home, and of course in accordance with current standards of powering and signal lines. As usual there are additional cables are layed, in case of customer may want to upgrade the system after 2-3 years, or add some new components, or other more advanced technology. Also to achieve the highest reliability the redundancy approach is used (most components are duplicated, thus gains the highest reliability of the entire system). This is unusual approach to standard electronic systems, but it is necessary fro smart home design and installation.

Also involving professionals into smart home design and mounting is that all components of the system are carefully and absolutely fit to the interior. Would it be the gothic castle, or renaissance palace, all components of smart home system, like cables, additional equipment will be hidden behind décor. So after the installation complete the system is ready for programming, validation and commissioning.

Dealing with Flylink company you will get the reliable, polite, electronic assistant, who will never get old, or fall ill, and will always be happy to make your life full of comfort and happiness.


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