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Office IP telephony – relatively young, but powerful and growing trend, that has a lot of advantages in comparison to other telephony types. IP telephony installation has the following aim:

  • Decrease cost of coach and international phone calls
  • Have unlimited amount of phone numbers throughout the world
  • Integrate telephony into existing IT structure of office more effectively
  • Have opportunity to add workplaces freely and easily, according to needs of office and telephony
  • Have opportunity to arrange a lot of modern services for free, or at minimum charge, like audio and video conf calls etc…

So we can see that it is good idea to move to IP telephony, to arrange phone calls, and stop using ordinary dial systems. Today more and more companies going towards IP telephony.

IP telephony: Base principles and wide spread scenarios

It seems to be easy to set up IP telephony, but in fact it is quite a difficult process. And requires a lot of specific knowledge and skills, that has only high qualified personnel with experience in developing of innovation and high-tech projects. The thing is that specific of IP telephony starts even from selection the best scenario for its operation, and therefore selection of equipment. According to the most spread and the simplest scenario “Computer-Computer”, both computers must be equipped with soundboards, and in/out interface, like speakers and microphone. Integration of them to IP telephony is performed via existing corporate network (SCS) or/and via Internet.

For IP telephony based on “computer- telephone” scenario, it is needed to have a PC, equipped with soundboard, in/out interface (speakers and microphone) and special gate to transfer voice signal, converted into digital on one side, and ordinary telephone – on the other.

It is much easier to set up IP Telephony on scenario “telephone-telephone”, since this scenario does not require any other equipment. But nevertheless IP technology presents here as an environment of signal transfer, that is private IP network, or the Internet. To mention is just tremendous amount of parameters to set up, that can be done only by high qualified personnel.

In other words to achieve best long lasting and reliable IP telephony, the best way is to choose professionals. Flylink company is always happy to help you this way 


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