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Electrical Measurements

In the modern world has become increasingly important uninterrupted power supply, and a guarantee of supply without failure becomes a regular careful monitoring of electrical equipment to the maintenance of it in the normal range, even a small sample of the cable insulation in the most important part of the network or a power surge can lead the company to a multi-million dollar cash losses and accidents among employees. That's why whenever there are electrical, sooner or later, will require electric measurements and tests. In addition, the electric measurements made ​​before taking power in the operation to eliminate wiring errors, and compiled under the current rules a technical report included acceptance documentation.

Electromagnetic measurement consists of the following activities:

  • insulation impedance of conductors
  • measurement parameters zero-phase loop
  • measurement of loop impedance grounding, and other grounding devices
  • Check circuit breakers, residual current circuit breaker differential switches.

Technical report on the results of electrical measurements

To fix the results of tests and electrical measurements is a typical technical report. As usual, it includes:

  • title page of the report with the logo and contact information of electrical, organization name and address of the customer, the date of measurement
  • a copy of the registration of electrical
  • Explanatory Note
  • visual inspection of the network protocol
  • measurement protocol insulation impedance of wires and cables
  • measurement protocol ground impedance
  • Authentication Protocol grounded installations and its elements
  • Authentication Protocol Auto power by measuring the amount of current single-phase short-circuit

FlyLink company performs the introduction of electric systems "turnkey" of any complexity and purpose of the project works and supply of electrical equipment to the final electromeasurements and maintenance networks in the course of their operation.


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