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Wireless Systems installation

To have wireless system gets more and more attractive for all business and industrial structures. This is because wireless systems do not have borders, that meant by laying cables limitations, and it can e completely integrated to traditional cable network. Not to mention advantage of ability to move without being tied to access port, that can be achieved only by wireless system! If previously wireless systems were mostly used for small home network, now it is on demand in big structures, like business centers, restaurants, airports, warehouses logistics etc… Everyone wants to have wireless system installed! Moreover, wireless systems can serve as actually the life vest for the following situations:

  • Little waiting rooms, lobby
  • For those users who always on the go (drivers, policemen)
  • Rooms with often changes floor plan
  • In Building that are of historical and architectural value, where it is prohibited to lay cables ( museums, theaters, conservatories)
  • In case of insurmountable obstacles (e.g. river or motorway between buildings
  • In large rooms, warehouses, conference-halls

Main Areas of Wireless System Application and Implementation Features

Through its extreme convenience, wireless systems are used more and more widely. For example it is topical to have wireless system in small office: wireless technologies offers ability to integrate two or more computers, and other devices into one network by “peer to peer” method, without dealing with costly and labor consuming procedure of laying cables.

Industrial wireless system implies more wide approach: installation of overlapping cells, containing several access points, and using more powerful industrial equipment and more advanced security.

Also there are widespread “guest” networks, that are installed in public places, like hotels, restaurants, airports, etc… that serves to attract more customers. They are so called “Hot-spot”. In most cases such systems, like industrial, are build using powerful network devices that require careful security and authentication settings.

The most interesting example is using wireless systems in the warehouses: Bar-code readers, equipped with Wi-Fi system can read bar-codes, and immediately send this information directly to server of warehouse management system. Also wireless system serves well as a communication between warehouse transportation and stationary located objects.

Recently started implement of industrial wireless systems on the large territories, like airports, with Wi-Fi terminals installed onto service cars (loaders, buses, refuelers etc…), to control location and routs. Such system is based on Wi-Fi technology, base stations are spread on the controlled territory in special order with known geographic coordinates, that allows to calculate location of car in relation to that points. All calculations regarding location of transport are performed by special software.

Wireless System Installation on Residential Real Estate

Maybe it is not so vivid example as wireless systems on the warehouse, but nevertheless widespread id use of them on residential real estate objects. Mostly the territory where these objects are located has specific landscape (rivers, hills, forests, pools, etc..) that interferes to lay cable lines, also it is needed to keep natural view, without disturbing sight by any technologies, at the same time, people, who lives there are not about ensnare with cables their houses, and parcels, especially if all lines are already layed and landscape design already done. That is why it is necessary for contractors and owners of residential real estate objects to think about providing correct wireless access to information networks.

So experience in using of wireless systems shows that from day to day they become more and more user friendly, secure, and less costly. Moreover, there are really unique solutions blows up the market, that allows to cover wide range of services and multipurpose tasks, including huge data arrays processing.

Wireless Systems installation: Recipe for Security and Quality

In fact to perform the installation of wireless systems for office, or some industrial size area – is quite a complicated task. So it is virtually impossible to make without having complete design, agreed with customer, and approved in state institutions that regulates standards in wireless industry. After design is completed starts equipment supply, and only after that goes installation itself. This serious and multistage approach helps to achieve the following:

  • Reduce cost of network installation
  • Reduce labor consumption
  • Eliminate risk of signal failure
  • Increase of security level

So it is much better to have design of wireless system before start doing anything regarding going wireless. If you haven’t worried about design you face risk to get poor installation that will lead to signal failure, low speed, and will give some malefactors access to your personal data, and Internet access.

And if someone offers you wireless system without having design, it shows complete unprofessional approach.

Equipment Role in Wireless Systems Installation

Another important factor in wireless systems is equipment selection, and location of network equipment in relation to another objects and equipment. For example access port not only must possess necessary technical features but must be located in line of sight, and must not be overloaded (It is recommended to connect no more then 10 computers to one access port) ect… Also it is worth to use router if access point may get overloaded, router is basically access point, but with extended functionality. Additional antennas are needed to amplify the signals, those efficiency strongly depends on location (up to 10 kilometers on line of sight)

Experts of Flylink company are high qualified and experienced to perform all works regarding wireless systems installation. We will perform careful analysis, select equipment, and install all system paying attention to security and reliability.


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