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Wireless Systems Cost

Wireless system cost is the matter to be discussed right upon start negotiations between customer and company integrator that will build this. Specification, if made perfectly, will help you to not get lost in the technical data and other information and thus budget your project, also it is an indicator of how professional integrator is. Since in case of having “abstract” pricing for wireless system, customer will definitely face unpleasant surprises like addition of some equipment, or some problems during commissioning and operation of this kind of system, and many other things caused by incompetence of integrator, who runs this “abstract” project.

Key Factors that Forms Pricing for Wireless Systems

So, to calculate price quote for wireless systems as accurate as it is possible, it is necessary to take in concern the following factors:

  • Distinctive features of object
  • Branching and length of network infrastructure
  • Operating features defined by customer
  • Pricing of network equipment
  • Pricing of design and mounting works
  • Schedule

For now it is well known that cover range depends on thickness and material of walls and ceilings, and in case of absence of repeaters coverage depends also on signal receivers of equipment. So different wireless networks can hugely differ in pricings and functions, especially if we are dealing with equipment of premium class, that has a lot of functions, settings, parameters, and certainly expensive and sometimes far from being user friendly, in terms of installation and settings.

Also it is necessary to take in concern features of workplaces, that will join this wireless network. Amount and arrangement of them can increase total cost of system.

And one more important factor is pricing for equipment itself, beside that multifunction and premium class devices are expensive, and as mentioned above installation and settings costs higher. And certainly if time is quite shortened and schedule is tight, then customer will have to pay extra for urgency.

Qualified Wireless Systems Equipment Selection

On the other hand there are some cobwebs, that can help customer to cut budget, without having problems regarding operation quality. For instance, total cost may be reduced just by qualified selection of equipment. It is not well known that even purchasing equipment of premium class will not guarantee perfect operation, and if professionals will deal with mid budget devices, they will take maximum that this class can give, and even more, thus improving the operation of entire wireless system. This is because professionals knows every nuance interaction of different parts, different devices from different manufacturers, and able to make the entire system more solid.

Our experts will create the best solution for you, both in terms of functionality and pricings as well. Dealing with FlyLink – is best way to acquire best wireless systems that will work perfect for many years. Design will be individually yours, completely according to features of your company, and building, and business processes. And in timely manner of cause. Also it must be noted, that cost will be optimized for your budget, and there will be no surprises like mentioned above.


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