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Wireless Systems Design

Wireless systems design is always needed to solve some important tasks, like network coverage, data transfer speed, safety, amount of equipment required etc… In case of difficult object we always start from SiteSurvey – complex measurements that allows to design best possible structure of the future network. Only properly made design will provide high quality network, and guarantee reliable work of every component, that can help customer to avoid additional charges for implying and network operation.

Making Design of Wireless Systems: “Started from idea…”

Any wireless systems design starts from the idea that customer has in mind, about tasks that this network will solve. Then our experts run this project through the following stages:

  • SiteSurvey
  • Creation and agreements the technical specification
  • Creating pre-design selection of equipment
  • Creating and agreement budgeting
  • Creating project and quotations
  • Arrangement of workspace
  • Agreement technical documentation

Customer’s object must be carefully studied and investigated to figure out its architectural features, materials of walls and ceilings, location of workplaces and distance between them etc… If we are dealing with buildings with sophisticated plans, with racks installed, then to define the transmission situation we perform sitesurvey. All these factors helps to select equipment according to technical specifications and performance. Also it helps to define network topology, and other important matters, to build perfect wireless network.

During making technical specification customer needs to describe technical requirements to the future network: purpose, coverage, safety grade, data transfer speed etc… Our experts are always ready to help customer this way. Then our experts will provide the specification, and detailed list of equipment and materials required to match all customer needs. Wireless system design – is complete set of technical specifications, results of measurements and sitesurvey, and all sort of permissive documents that are necessary for implement of wireless system. The main condition in this case is that design must match all international and national standards, otherwise, documentation approval will be too difficult and time consuming.

FlyLink company offers design and mounting if wireless systems according to the highest world standards, we use complex and individual approach for each customer, and each project. Also we are in deep business relations with suppliers of equipment, hardware, and software. Having placed order customer will receive high-speed, expandable, safe and reliable wireless network.


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