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The cost of the video surveillance

The cost of the video surveillance is perhaps second in importance to the issue of concern to the customer after it has ascertained its reliability in terms of personal safety and security business. The cost of the video surveillance is calculated in accordance with a variety of quantitative and qualitative features of the project.

видеонаблюдение стоимость

The main parameters that influence the cost of the video surveillance:

  • VideoCamera - class and number (IP or analog cameras, the necessary authorization, operating conditions, wireless, etc.)
  • The nature of network equipment and video recording equipment (eg, high resolution and a permanent record necessitated the video server)
  • the range and features of the software and the functions performed by video surveillance (for example, the need for automatic license plate recognition)
  • complexity of the design and installation of video surveillance systems

Сost of work by the installation of CCTV and the main components of its calculation

Final cost of the work for video surveillance is determined after the technical specialists at the contractor will develop a clear picture of the object. To do this, the Customer sends a representative of the contractor a detailed plan of the site with a description of its specificity, the list of equipment installed at the facility, forms his wishes to the functionality of video surveillance systems, the desired degree of its integration with other intelligent systems, etc. As a result, born techno-commercial offer containing a description of the fundamental technological solutions and systems construction documents.

As an explanation it is worth noting that, contrary to the traditional view, the most expensive piece of equipment is not necessarily the best. The whole question of its consumer properties, which are expressed in the specifications of these devices. Moreover, there are cases implementation rather strange at first glance, making the equipment belonging to different price categories combined with each other much more successful than if it was the same "luxury". Conversely, bad symbiosis or unqualified installation and configuration of devices can lead to disastrous results, "killing" even the most advanced equipment.

So, really well trained technical experts in the calculation of the cost of surveillance does not impose a client unnecessarily expensive devices, and only you can decide whether to shell out a certain brand of equipment just for the sake of prestige or prefer a budget version without losing in quality. In short, the whole secret - the professionalism of the contractor.

Do not delude and if you have declared too low prices and in accordance with the second paragraph of the estimate. Most often, the low price is the result of unskilled services. After all, as you know, electronic devices and equipment tend to fall in price over time, and decent "working hands" on the contrary, more expensive.

The price of the organization of video surveillance from questionable contractors also may be understated due to the absence of the design phase. And it was the project helps to save on the installation and commissioning of the system, to enlist the support of the official state bodies in charge of security issues and get additional guarantees quality, reliability and durability of the system. In addition, the underpayment at this stage, you run a high risk of overpaying for the maintenance of video surveillance.

In addition, the cost of mounting surveillance is influenced by such factors:

  • Number, functionality and complexity of installation and configuration CCTV equipment used in the video surveillance system
  • type of connection elements of the system (wired, wireless, combined)
  • distance of the object from the contractor
  • The nature and volume of construction works (eg shtroblenie walls for the cable is much more complicated and expensive than the device cable runs, for example, in the front bezel)
  • urgency of works (the need to work with non-standard schedule, as well as on weekends and public holidays)

And do not forget that there is a need for service surveillance: it affects the reliability of the surveillance, and thus your safety, and without the intervention of specialists is often difficult not only with minor faults, threatening to turn into a serious problem in the future, but even detect its presence .

The specialization of the company "Flylink" - is reliable and durable video surveillance system at the lowest possible prices.


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