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Restaurant automation

Restaurant automation is one of the key tools expand the restaurant business in general, and perhaps the main factor against competitors in the private sector. After all, restaurants and other large enterprises catering growing by leaps and bounds, and in order to not only retain its positions, but did not stop the development, maximize effective and efficient use of available resources. That's why automation restaurant business - an ideal area for investment: the automated control system will provide a fantastic return in the first days after its introduction.

Система автоматизации ресторана

10 components of the efficiency of your restaurant business

Here is just a partial list of the benefits of automated restaurant in front of his non-automated analog:

  • High speed of customer service and a wholly-quality service
  • elimination of errors in the reception and ordering
  • automatic order execution
  • absolute control of all stages of passing the order
  • flexible policy management of discounts and bonuses
  • automated records reservation tables
  • Simplification of procedures for planning and accounting custom events (banquets)
  • minimize potential abuse, including theft prevention staff
  • Continuous monitoring of the financial results of the institution
  • A significant simplification of reference documents and reporting

Thus, the "advanced" restaurateur leaves far behind its conservative competitors, being able to continually improve the profitability and reliability of their business.

Automation restaurant "in a big way"

The scope of software and hardware for the automation of restaurants depend on the size and other parameters of the institution. For a small cafe-bar is reasonable to use a universal touchscreen terminals with printer printing bills, the kitchen and the bar can be installed printers print orders, and on the office computer - the software needed for administration. For larger restaurants and fast food chains could be several specialized printers, barcode readers, POS stations and terminals hall and guest tables, equipped with call buttons waiters.

Wireless networks at the service of the success of your restaurant

However, among the leaders and the large and small catering equally popular wireless technologies. Moreover, it is not only and not so much about already become traditional Wi-Fi networks for visitors of restaurants, yielding a clear competitive advantage, but also on the organization of a wireless network based on those "invisible" services, significantly increasing business efficiency and customer service. It's all the same personal computers and POS terminals, the call buttons waiters, bar code readers and the like equipment that is no longer associated uncomfortable wires.

R-Keeper - a common name!

In addition, regardless of the size of the institution, the same popularity in matters of automation has R-Keeper - domestic brand name under which manufactures and sells hardware and software systems are designed to fully automate restaurants. In the restaurant business name R-Keeper has long been a household name: many employees of enterprises catering business called so any software automation restaurants.

The system R-Keeper brings results within a month after its introduction. So, for example, by automating the transfer order to the kitchen while minimizing its execution by employees. All actions in the framework of the program is archived and built-in video leaves no dishonest employees no chance of theft: any questionable operation can easily be identified and tracked in the reports. Moreover, the system allows you to make and receive all data records anywhere in the world.

The main objective of "Flylink" - choose from a great variety of dining options for automating the best solution for your business and prove its effectiveness through professional implementation. Cooperating with us, you become not just a client, and obtain the status of Partner for a mutually beneficial and long-term basis.


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