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Automation of shops and shopping malls

Automation of shops and shopping malls - the best modern IT-solution for the management of the relevant business entities in the trade - from mid-size stores to big supermarkets and shopping malls - helps to minimize errors associated with the "human factor" and giving staff the opportunity to devote more time and attention directly to customers, rather than setting up specialized computer programs, financial calculations and accounting for turnover. In turn, the visitors automated trading businesses, instead of standing in endless queues and check sales receipts, more time will be given directly to shopping, recreation and entertainment.

Системы автоматизации для магазинов

Automation of shops and shopping malls guarantees:

  • lack of queues and disgruntled customers
  • reduction of jobs and the overall staff development
  • protection against unfair personnel and dishonest buyers
  • streamline and simplify record keeping and other documents

Bar coding and other technologies for the automation of shops and shopping malls: features hardware and software

Automation of shops and shopping malls involves the installation of a tested and proven positive specific hardware and software. The most common is the so-called POS-equipment (Point of sale). For example, in places where the cashier accepts payments from customers are established POS-terminals, which includes, in particular, mini-PCs for registration of purchase, check printing and interaction with barcode scanners, magnetic card reader and electronic price tags and other external devices.

For inventory in the automation of shops and shopping malls can be included data collection terminals with bar code scanner and a memory block to accommodate 15 or more thousands of SKUs, which greatly facilitates the work of goods manager, speeds up the accounting and negates the possibility of errors.

By the way, for many heads of first association with the word "automation" - bar coding. Yes, it is, as barcoding - the most common and affordable technology for automatic identification of goods. After all, besides the fact that it is a fairly inexpensive device recognition barcode operate with high accuracy, which virtually eliminates the possibility of errors in handling an item: in truth, only one trade mark application options in the bar-coding, there are more than fifty.

Obviously, for such a "sweep" control and management software products are constantly being improved. After all, the software should not only provide enterprises with trade-specific features such as support for goods without barcode, input documents into the "backdating" automatic reassessment of goods, maintaining the optimal residues in the sales area, and so on, but also provide reliable Data backup mechanisms that allow to recover the maximum efficiency of the object in the case of a system failure.

The company "Flylink" is an experienced integrator of automation systems of stores and shopping malls. Our highly trained and efficiently execute any project - from a small shop to automate the creation of multilevel automated supermarket and shopping malls chains. And our long-standing partnerships with equipment manufacturers and software companies specialized software that provide direct delivery at the lowest possible prices that allow our clients to save on the cost of the entire project.


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