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Automation Systems for hotels

Automation Systems hotels are designed to provide an effective solution to the two most important tasks of the hotel business: to achieve the highest possible level of service and maximize profits. Immediately, we note that these concepts are mutually exclusive only if the owner of the hotel - dishonorable businessman or simply ignorant of modern technologies. As we know, to be dishonorable not good, but the lack of competence in various life wisdoms, including modern methods of automated business management, is by no means something shameful: Of course, if you have burning desire as soon as possible to fill data gaps in education .

Системы автоматизации гостиниц

Automation Systems hotels as a means of converting casual lodger in a regular customer

So, automation hotels are convenient tools for scalable management of hotels and hotel chains, all classes and specificity. As an example, imagine a typical scheme of settling the guest and his living room. In the case of non-automated hotel management, inventory, transactions with customers, refunds, receiving payments and other transactions, administrators must perform manually. In this case, records of transactions conducted in a notebook (by the way, not always - in legible handwriting), checks make their way to fiscal recorder, etc. It is not surprising that the institution with such an approach to doing business suffer many losses due to the lack of accuracy and efficiency in the work of staff and, as a consequence, the discontent of customers, most of whom do not like to wait, and does not tolerate inconsistencies when booking the rooms and the subsequent calculations. All this creates the hotel into disrepute, reliable repulsive guests.

It is quite another matter - the automation of the hotel, providing the following functionality:

  • Automatic generation and management of hotel room capacity
  • ordered the formation of tariffs in accordance with the dates, types and categories of rooms, etc.
  • structured input and storage of data for each guest (passport number, dates of residence, etc.)
  • simplification of reservations on request, settlement, resettlement, extension services, etc.
  • automation of payments, issuing invoices, receipts and other documents
  • implementation of quantitative and accrual accounting using bar coding
  • automation of the calculation of additional services provided to the customer (rent meeting rooms, sauna, beauty salon, billiards, parking services, etc.), payment and account discounts, loyalty cards, etc.
  • management of the administrators, maids and other hotel staff, including sales and service of financial control
  • simplifying and accelerating the formation of the reporting on the activities of hotels and other functions

Agree, immediately felt the scope, speed, prestige. Customers will certainly appreciate the quality of service from the very first minutes of our stay at your hotel, and are more likely to want to come back to you again and again.

The market of automated systems for hotels in all its diversity

As for the technical side of things, the system of automation of hotels on the market a variety of software products, such as, for example, Shelter, «Russian hotel", etc. In particular, are very popular systems such as the "BIT: 8 Hotel" and other complex automated systems developed on the basis of "1C: Enterprise 8" as well as automation hotel Hotel 2000, created in 1997 by "intur-Soft" with the participation of the Government of Moscow in the framework of the development of hotel and tourist complex in the capital. Automation System Hotel Hotel 2000 has a modular structure composed of sub automation hotel functions (Hotel-2000) and the automation of restaurants and bars (Restaurant-2000), and is designed for hotels with any number of rooms.

In short, the specifics of any hotel establishment almost certainly has its own automated system. However, the main challenge is to properly define its goals. After two similar hotels do not exist, therefore the automation system must meet the requirements of flexibility and configured individually. That's why the fore the problem of establishing a business relationship with a reliable and experienced systems integrator.

The specialists of "Flylink" will provide your hotel the best automated IT-solution, but also provide quality support and maintenance of the embedded complex.


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